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In its current state, the app might be very useful for vegetarians and “super-fussy eaters” or their parents, but otherwise I don’t find it comprehensive or accurate enough that I would recommend it to the more-or-less novices it seems to be aimed at. Almost every topic I’ve looked at makes me want to grab my virtual blue pencil.

As a tech writer, I’m aghast that it was apparently built with BBEdit and InDesign. Writers and editors for a large collaborative project like that should work in a multiuser collaborative environment such as Confluence or Penflip.


Hi, again!

A few corrections!

Re your aghastness, don’t panic. We created this using Checkvist, a multiuser collaborative environment, just as you suggest. In fact, we stated that right next to the mention of BBedit (which we used to massage the final content into template).

As for not covering Roman cafe stuff, we note frequently in the app (e.g. the FAQ) that we mostly focus on cuisines as found outside the homeland, i.e. in immigrant restaurants. The end result, we’ve found (editors and testers having tried this out while traveling in over a dozen different countries) is nonetheless very useful in the original country. So we affirm that it’s useful for both.

But it’s not thorough. We never claim that. This isn’t an encyclopedia, as we make quite clear in all marketing materials and in the app itself (including a huge honking pop-up message at first launch). This is a cheat sheet for experts, and a lifeline for newcomers.

It’s definitely directed at both. I’m a pretty experienced eater (been covering the world cuisine beat for 30 years), and I use the app all the time. I can’t keep all these details in my head. This is the cheat sheet I always dreamed of.

As for inaccuracy, well, let’s see what experts have to say! So far I’ve only heard delight. I can’t use his name, because he hasn’t approved public use of this blurb, but my favorite food writer (many food writers’ favorite food writers) sent me this today: “I’m in awe. Fantastic, highly useful, surprisingly entertaining, and highly addictive. I hope it flies.”


So you’re exporting from Checkvist to Markdown or something to generate the app? If you’re post-processing by hand, I remain aghast.

I’m an expert in some cuisines and like I said, blue pencil all over. Even in many topics on which I’m only moderately well informed.


Is this still a food board? :roll_eyes::thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Aloha Jim!
How is your new thing going?


No more food on this board ?


Well… this topic was getting pretty deep in the coder weeds.


Nicely, thanks! The favorite food writer of many food writers, John Thorne, gave us this blurb:

> An impressively designed and wickedly ingenious app. Endlessly useful, surprisingly entertaining, and highly addictive…the distillation of a lifetime of adventurous eating.

How are you enjoying it?


Hi Robert — would you share your insights into the essential information you’d tell new travelers to Rome about pizza and cafes in the city? ( I was there last fall and had a great experience getting my bearings but am headed back and want to dig deeper/understand the city more.
Cheers MM



what does another great food writer, kevin, think dis site apps?

do you covers new york citys


To each his own. But perhaps my grammar, spelling, syntax, usage, etc. is a bit better.


Don’t take the bait catholiver. Let Sasha Baron have his/her fun.


Who is Sasha Brown? And what’s the bait? Sincerely, Midlife. I don’t understand. And PS I’m no great fan of Jim Leff but he did a great job with CH and I hope he’s successful with this new venture.


Sasha BARON Cohen. His fictional character, Ali G., talks the way that post reads. I just meant that you shouldn’t let that post draw you in to more Kevin stuff.


Ah, thanks for the enlightenment. I don’t believe in censorship here but deliberate dumb-down-ed-ness gets kinda old…and I’ve had a crappy day :slight_smile: