Jitlada Lovers--What are your favorite dishes?


dang… rip… who’s going to fill those shoes?


This is really shocking and sad. :cry:


:cry: Sad to hear.


I was so sad to see this today. We had a nice chat with him at our first ever meal there–a good while ago now. He was a little hidden behind Jazz’s personality but it worked for them. I remember Jazz telling us that despite Tui cooking up some of the hottest food in the US he didn’t actually enjoy very hot food himself.


Has anyone visited since the passing of Chef Tui?


ask me again in a month…


Posting here because I anticipate a visit in the coming weeks, this time for the curry. Last time I got the Crying Tiger because I saw Curtis Stone recommend this on Food Network show lol get outta here with that Curtis! I wish Jitlada would just serve up curry and rice.

Also the thread that started it all:


Which curry? There are so many.


I want to try the Fishball with Egg in Green Curry.

From what I learned in Thailand they have places called Khom Gaeng, rice and curry places with lots of different curries, generally affordable. If I was to visit Southern Thailand I will definitely hit up a khom gaeng. I just wish Jitlada would unabashedly be just curry and rice, maybe a few of those speciality salads


The photo on https://jitladala.wordpress.com/photos/ looks like noodle soup.


We returned to Jitlada after a few years last night to pay our respects in a sense since Chef Tui’s passing. I am very happy to say that they’re doing great business still–packed to the rafters at 6 pm on a Tuesday (and lots of people waiting outside when we left at 8)–and that the food is still bloody good. We’ll be back again on our next trip. I realize people get more excited about newer places but I think Jitlada is still at the top.


Have you tried Luv2Eat? Just wondering what you think of it vs. Jitlada.


Eaten there twice (here and here). Liked both meals very much–the first more than the second. But the depth of Jitlada’s southern Thai menu cannot be beat. And if I had to choose between the two for my last Thai meal in L.A it would be Jitlada every time. In fact, after our dinner last night we felt silly about not having been to Jitlada in 3 years just because we were trying so hard to eat at newer places.


Has anyone tried the fried silk worms?


I look at it every time on the menu and every time I pass…