Jordan Kahn's new restaurant Vespertine - Spring 2017 / Culver City


To review this place in depth the way the usual audiences expect their write-ups would inevitably require extensive use of spoilers. And that’d be a rather D-bag thing to do to people holding active reservations.


Food is not bland, nor mushy.


And extensive use of the company expense account, which most print publications these days do not have a big one. At least not for the Food or Life & Style sections.


Agreed, that’s the bottom line for me, too. Presentation sounds even more elaborate than those places. Apparently, you move throughout the building for different courses. Sounds almost like the SF Gelinaz dinner where you walked between Benu and In Situ, including through a Serra sculpture in MOMA.

Just reporting how it was described by someone I know who went. They actually enjoyed the unorthodox presentation but thought the food was weak. I gather you’ve gone yourself? What did you think of the dramatic presentation aspect?


To be honest, I didn’t think the presentation was all that dramatic. Or at all.

Interesting, yes.

Perhaps even solicitous? Sure.

Dramatic? No.


Here’s the thing I don’t understand. At El Bulli the food was all about surprises, unique techniques, and deliciousness. However it was extensively reviewed and photographed, hell they even documented themselves and released recipies. Becuase the food stood on its own there was no issue. I really actually wanted to try Vespertine but honestly having heard about the ambience, music and overall pretentiousness (in the literal sense of the word) I’m kinda worried, and look forward to some feedback over whether it’s worth the price.


So far I have not really heard anyone describe the food as delicious. Or even describe it at all. To me that is perplexing! Probably won’t understand why until I try it myself.


Bitter, tart, vegetal, medicinal, inedible, cellophane-y.

Worst tasting food I’ve had since red medicine.


Huh. Interesting. The way it was described to me, a team of servers dressed in Mad Max garb descends on the table in total silence to deliver the plates, then retreats with heads bowed. As they go, one raises his head to solemnly intone the name of the dish. It sounded like high school dramatic interp.

Not your experience?

Yikes. But at least not bland. And I actually liked Red Medicine. I have to admit, I’m still intrigued.


Oh, dear. :frowning:


I’m okay with the first four flavors, but cellophane-y? What does that mean?


Oops, small correction. Description was actually “mushy mess.” Food was reportedly not bland, just not very good.



This blogger went, took pictures and added a write up:


what an ass


That’s an understatement.


None of that looks appetizing. While I’m sure some of it tastes good, it’s not the type of food that gets me salivating.


Based on everything I’ve read Jordan Kahn really takes himself and his food way too seriously…and it sounds like none of it is even that good


I think that blogger posted/posts on Chowhound/Food Talk Central. Hockey fan? Endocrinologist? From the Midwest?


I don’t want to be the grammar police, but that blogger has a very unique writing style.


I think “unique” is putting it midly