Jordan Kahn's new restaurant Vespertine - Spring 2017 / Culver City


He used to post as “uhockey” - no idea if he still’s on CH.

That’s a very diplomatic phrasing. :wink:

Edited to fix a repeated word and to respond to @PorkyBelly’s comments regarding the photos:

The more I think about Endobites/uhockey posting the photos, the more disgusted I am. I’m definitely not pro-Vespertine (in fact, it’s been the topic of several moments of me raving about the insanity of Western Culture, much to the puzzlement of my partner, who actually thinks it sounds interesting as an artistic, immersive, theatrical experience rather than a “food” experience) , BUT … Kahn has repeatedly made it clear that he doesn’t want photos, that he wants the entire experience to be an unknown event.

The blogger’s decision to photograph and then post the images is rude: it’s the equivalent of people who review movies/books and fill the review space with spoilers. It’s completely unnecessary and uncalled for. I don’t understand the “why” of someone choosing to do this.


His blog is He is a very active contributor who now practices in Las Vegas. I do NOT see a post there yet on Vespertine. If I was betting, I’d guess he had some kind of arrangement with the chef or pr and did not take the photos surreptitiously. He composes his shots and takes a couple of angles, so it wouldn’t fit his style.


This is the wording from the blogger’s site:
"…where Chef Kahn offers a brief greeting and ‘rules’ undisclosed in the terms of sale, one of these a suggestion that photography is discouraged.
[Image on the blog]
Ever the artist, an e-mail after the experience claiming the photo policy exists because “it is critical that each future guest who comes in has the same opportunity that you and your guests had, and to expose them to parts of the experience in advance would be unfair,” but quickly debunking such claims by releasing several photos to Eater Los Angeles just days later,"

That reads to me like he didn’t have permission, then contacted Kahn after the meal and Kahn asked him not to post the photos…and the blogger went ahead and did so, justifying the decision based the the restaurant’s release of the photos to Eater.

But (this is not snarky, I swear!), I could totally be reading that wrong.


Wow. His entry goes back to July 22 – I only looked at the last five posts. You are right, I stand corrected. And the photos on the review do not compare with his usual quality.


I’m surprised he went ahead and posted the photos after that email exchange: would love to know his reasoning. Rather disheartening, though I can’t think of how to word why I feel that way.


Because clickbait.


Dr. Uzmann (M.D., which unfortunately in this case means master of douchebaggery)


The food pretty much looks how I thought it would look.


Because entitlement


He is an ass. The Dr. was warned repeatedly on CH about his Vegas posts where he was given comped dinners or dishes (sometimes with food critics)- and failed to mention that in his comments.

Not fair to people asking for dinner recs, who don’t have that kind of access and most likely not will not receive the same quality of food and service.


His use of periods is rarer than rubber chicken shit.


I finally stopped reading his posts on Chowhound because the dangling modifiers drove me nuts. I understand that’s something even good writers can fall victim to once in a while, but it seems to be his preferred sentence structure. And don’t get me started on the overuse of the passive voice.

Grammar police, reporting for duty.


I had to look up those grammer terms. Or is it, “I had to look those grammer terms up.”? Ingrish is my second language - Merkin is my first.


I have no recollection from chowhound days of who this blogger/endocrinologist is. So, I don’t have any particular pig in this ditch. My upcoming experience at Vespertine will live or die (in my mind) by the evening not by any leaked blogs or pictures.

Yet, I feel that I have to point out the extraordinary irony of an unwanted photo montage of Vespertine and the photos that Kahn and his partners put on the internet of S. Irene Virbila, once upon a time.

He who lives by the sword may one day fall on it, I suppose.


Okay, so I had to take a look (but I read another post w/o looking at any of the Vespertine pics, except for a pic of the building’s exterior). The syntax really does read as if it were generated by a translation program. Fascinating (for all the wrong reasons). When I saw a phrase about “educational Pizza courses [the capitalization is not a goof on my part]” I simply had to stop.


Ha great point.


I understand no photos or blog posts, but will you do a “SPOILER ALERT” post for those of us that will probably not be attending for another year? Maybe link to a secret lounge post?


Another year? You are definitely an optimist :sunglasses:


Here you go


Hey man, I have friends… :smirk: