Jordan Kahn's new restaurant Vespertine - Spring 2017 / Culver City


I play in a free jazz ensemble in my free time so place sounds right up my alley!

When do they open??


In personal conversations I had with Kahn, he told me the exact same information he gave to Marian Bull. I’m very curious to see how things will taste.


Oh, I don’t doubt he actually said those things. It’s just that writing style makes it that much more, er, ludicrous.

I, too, am also genuinely interested in hearing how it tastes. The food pictured is absolutely stunning-looking. Even if Kahn doesn’t seem that interested in how it tastes in a conventional sense, I do hope that it tastes at least a little good.


I wonder if the pre-open hype on Vespertine will tempt the chef to pull a “Emperor’s New Clothes” trick here, serving corrugated cardboard sous vide and drywall foam, sit back, and watch the pundits blather on…


Hi @J_L,

Don’t forget that “Gourmet Organic Air” you’re breathing will be Appetizer Course 3b-x in his spaceship restaurant. :stuck_out_tongue:


And let’s also not neglect the sommelier of dining utensils, recommending the diner to go with the titaniumware instead of the recyclable non-PBC composite spork, in keeping with the modernist streak…


“Please make your utensil selection. Choose wisely.”


Reminds me of my meal at Hiko Sushi.


He deserves a spot on Mt. Douchemore


So much judgment and opinion. The place hasn’t even open yet. Sure, it’s an ugly building and a lofty dream, but maybe give the guy a chance to serve some food before tearing him down.


Yeah, I don’t understand all the hatred either. Sure, Vespertine will be remarkably ambitious and it will be different, but I’m not sure how that’s a bad thing? Hopefully this becomes an iconic LA spot, the type of restaurant that will shine on an international stage.

Despite Kahn’s past transgressions/reputation, I’m rooting for him. Sure, he’s out there, but so many great works of art exude their own gravity. Not sure he should be criticized for aiming for the spectacular.


i dunno, man, im not sure a chef at a restaurant can commit a transgression. outside of cheating his staff/customers or deliberately poisoning someone.


I’m already making arrangements to go.


Me too. I am a friend of a friend.


I think it’s more than fair to poke fun at Kahn a bit.
That said, Red Medicine and Destroyer have both served me some really exceptional food.


I’m really just waiting for the sequel to Destroyer video @PorkyBelly posted.


I was only poking fun at your poker display.


Don’t yuck my yum.


I see judgment and opinion about the concept but not the food itself… And I think that’s why people have judgment and opinion; b/c the chef himself has said that food is secondary.

No one here seems to be denying that the chef is very talented. And art will be polarizing. I think he’d probably get a kick out of it. ::shrug::


If red medicine was any indication of what’s to come; expect style over substance. All the media coverage and his personal comments for Vespertine seem to support this bias.