Jordan Kahn's new restaurant Vespertine - Spring 2017 / Culver City


As does the artsy “trailer”, [cough, cough, perfume commercial]. It’s almost a parody.


Agreed. I have had nothing but less than stellar food from Chef Kahn.

Three trips to Red Medicine, all with brooding service staff. A bahn-mi on dried out bread with un-chopped, fibrous cilantro stems that must have made me look like a cow that was chewing its cud. A server who sighed and grunted after it became clear that she encouraged me to over-order on the front end. Aggressively flavored, one-note bowl of Brussels sprouts, alternatively burnt and soggy. A terrarium filled with what tasted like soap bubbles. Flaccid scallops served on what looked like supplies from a hot stone massage treatment.

One trip to Destroyer. A half of an unripe avocado in a pool of unremarkable broth, sprinkled with something that was akin to Grape Nuts…with a side of dry bread in which to attempt to awkwardly spread said unripe avocado.

At least Destroyer had enough light to see how IG ready the food was. Red Medicine has the strange notion to stylize their food to the max, but to dim the lights so low that the dishes appeared monochromatic.

To me, the quality and flavor of the food has always been secondary to the artifice. This new venture just seems like a logical scaling-up of what has already been on offer.


Reservations live but they aren’t exactly flying off the shelves.


At around 320 PP excluding alcohol, I doubt anyone will have trouble getting one


For what it’s worth, it was hands down and by far the best service experience I’ve had in LA… its easy to hate on this from afar, and I know not everyone is into his food, but he’s created something special and worthwhile in my book. Keep in mind, I really enjoyed the food at Red Medicine, so that probably speaks to my taste a bit too.


Nice! Did you go to a soft opening? How was the food??

And most importantly, what/when does it feel like to dine in a time that is yet to be?


I’m not sure I want to comment on everything since it was a friends and family thing, as they are still making adjustments, but I really enjoyed myself there and found the whole experience to be engaging and fun. I think a lot of people take Jordan’s word to literally and that gets in the way of understanding what he’s trying to say. On the food, he’s got a really cool style going on with it (not just look, but also taste).


For $600++++++, service better damn well be impeccable.


i’ve had meals at that price point here in LA where it wasnt, so while it should be, it isnt always the case. Also, I dont see how this is really an more expensive than so many other places one can eat in LA. I’ve spent this without drinks at sushi a number of times before. Heck, i’ve even spent this a la carte at new american places before.

But even beyond that, the level of service here was truly something special. The closest counterpart i can think of is EMP, which of course makes my statement ironic :wink:


WTF? Do you dine exclusively on an expense account or something.

It’s a full 25% more expensive than Melisse’s 10 course tasting.


nah… but a lot of my income goes to food (well, less now than before, but still…)

with regard to your edit, the amount of food is also MUCH more


I don’t understand the angst here over the price point of Vespertine.

Yes, it’s expensive, but not any more expensive than many other restaurants in LA.


I would love to see y’all qualify these “many” restaurants charging $250pp before tax/tip.


I’ve ordered the whole fucking sushi menu at shunji and mori and it doesn’t even come close to 320pp.


I can only think of urasawa and yamakase.


sure… here are a few where either I have spent that much or more or it is easily possible to do so(keep in mind supplements and adding additional items… I’m not saying that the tasting menus at these places cost this much, but rather that it’s easily possible to spend that amount at a meal):

Spago, Melisse, Cut, Bel Air, Beverly Hills Hotel, Q Sushi, Mori Sushi, Sushi Zo, maude (depending on the month), Gwen, Saam, Alexanders Steakhouse, Nobu, Rogue Experience, N/Naka, Yamakaze, Totoraku, etc.


ah, I see. So basically Vespertine bone stock is the same price as it’s competitors fully loaded


A little confused, he said he wanted the waiters/waitresses to show their presence as little as possible, but somehow manages to have the best service in LA IYO. With that being said I have a reservation 7/8. Also excluding Urasawa which sushi place cost $320 pp w/o alcohol?


Actually I’ve ordered THE ENTIRE menu (sushi and cooked dishes) at Shunji before - came out to a bit north of $690pp (that was before the kani miso gohan, though.)


like a boss.