Jordan Kahn's new restaurant Vespertine - Spring 2017 / Culver City


It was very memorable.


Did the weather permit you to do the Addilantis?


We couldn’t stay.

It’s an incredibly extensive meal.


Sounds like you came away quite happy?


Still trying to digest the experience.

No pun intended.


Skeptical when it was first announced. Then I thought about Kahn’s dessert wizardry. After 2 friends went and reported back, I am now intrigued.



When can we expect the pictorial essay??? :slight_smile:


It depends on whether the publication of the essay will ruin the experience for people who want to go, but haven’t gone yet…

(Don’t wanna be the spoiler)


Unless they change the rules it’ll have to be a non-pictorial essay, no photos allowed.


Ah. Thanks for the clarification.

You could always do what they do on another board I used to frequent when it came to spoilers

(spoiler alert)

(spoiler alert)

(spoiler alert)


Hee, hee. :wink:


I do not want to be known as the Destroyer of dreams.

(Heheheh, see what I did there?)


For what it is worth, there are a couple photos up on twitter of somebody’s recent meal at Vespertine. Clearly, these shots were taken clandestinely. They aren’t composed and hardly show anything. Still, if you’re curious, of course they exist…


Nah, I’m okay w/ a verbal report. If the restaurant has a policy of no photos, I think that should be respected, IMHO.


You guys going for the top tier wine pairing option?


yea i’m just gonna have 3 tacos and hard pass on this


Are you sure Nemroz? You could always do like a dude’s dinner there. Maybe one of your friends will even vomit.

Sorry for the trolling.


The bar is serving some amazing koolaid.

Note: spoiler alert (I can’t believe I’m writing that about a restaurant)


Too much squeeze bottle for us.


the koolaid is prolly laced with some black tar herion lol


From seven very long reviews, here are the only descriptions of the food:

  1. “…one that was some kind of dried fish skin covered with a black plum creation, and the duck liver with chocolate…”

  2. “Three dishes stand out to me in my head: the white asparagus, almond and cucumber dessert, and duck liver dipped in chocolate.”