July 2018 Weekend Rundown


I say we extend the weekend to the 4th.

Happy 4th of July everyone.


Nigiri madness, Shunji Japanese Cuisine


On a diet again?

Told you not to worry; I’d be buy you a larger pair of socks in no time.


Yes, the seefood diet.


How many people is that for?


Sergio or no Sergio, I love Cheko El Rey Del Sarandeado in Long Beach. Both the food and the people are always great, and it’s a lot less crowded than Coni.

The jalapeño serrano lime salsa deserves a picture just because it is addictive:

Ceviche Rey (shrimp, fish, octopus, jicama, tomato, onion, habanero-mango sauce):

Cucarachitas (fried shrimp in spicy butter sauce):

Pescado Zarandeado:

Small haul from the Torrance Farmers Market this morning:
Super spicy (5 scoops of habanero) salsa from La Fiesta Movil.
Goat and cow’s milk blend Broncha cheese, cheese curds, cultured butter, and strawberry kefir cheese from Achadinha Cheese Company.
Harry’s Berries strawberry preserves and Seascapes. I got there too late and they ran out of Gaviotas. :disappointed: I love Seascapes too, though.

Also from the market, some very good tamales. Carnitas, green chile & mexican oregano, and blue corn, roasted green chile & monterey jack:


Let’s see… Six pieces of everything…

Just me.


I’ve been carrying my little bottle of anchovy juice everywhere and adding it to everything.


Don’t forget your bottle when you hit up Father’s Office.


Finally made it over to Pearl’s bbq to try them. Ugh, just no. Ordered a half pound of the fatty. The brisket was stringy tough, sliced haphazardly. The whole place smacked of all hat no cattle.


Do you normally bring your own condiments to restaurants? I’ve never seen anyone bring their own ingredients to a restaurant to “fix” a dish.


I often bring truffle oil (yes I know it’s fake) to eat my McDonald’s fries when they are still piping hot.
Lao Gan Ma chili oil helps lots of food go down better also.
And of course, smuggle in some ketchup to Father’s Office.


All the breakfast standards, done right at Mel’s Drive-In (as in drive in right off the 10-Fwy)…


Obviously you are not sticking to your seefood diet.


Happy National Ice Cream Day!!! These 3 scoops of yumminess from Atticus Creamery & Pies are (left to right): Watermelon Milkshake, Honey Honeycomb & Sweet Summer Corn…


Watermelon milkshake here still haunts me.

I went back a second time the same day to buy a pint of it. Best damn watermelon ice cream (NOT sorbet!!!) since Tokyo.


Pretty good takoyaki (but not as good as EAK Ramen’s) at the newly opened Rakkan Ramen in Redondo Beach. I was not a fan of the ramen, so didn’t bother with a picture. Bland broth, chashu had a weird aftertaste, overcooked egg, etc. :disappointed: