June 2018 Weekend Rundown


I didn’t see one posted for the weekend, so I took the liberty.

The Wine Country (Signal Hills)
The first weekend of the month always has some large format wine tasting paired with food. This weekend, it was rosé paired with roasted lamb, boiled potatoes and carrots, and homemade aioli. From my understanding, the shop’s owner’s wife catered the food…and the tarragon aioli was delightful. There was also assorted cheeses, pâté, and salami. For $30, we received 12 tastings of the 12 rosés they had available and all the food. Most of the rosés were reasonably priced under $26 per bottle, and I was pretty impressed with their offerings. I came home with about 6-8 bottles for my own cellar. I bought an assortment that could drink alone or ones that would pair with food. It was a delightful afternoon…we stopped by Rossmoor Pastries for dessert to-go afterwards.


Had a pretty wonderful meal at Mizlala in Sherman Oaks last night.

Pickled veggies and harissa:

Freshly made Laffa bread:

Greek grilled octopus - vinaigrette, capers, yogurt, crispy pewee potatoes:

Moroccan fried chicken - dill chips, spiced duck fat, harissa aioli, apricot mustard:

Skirt steak kebab:

Merguez shakshouka - eggs, tomato, feta, yogurt, cilantro:

Dessert was at the Tarzana location of Magpies Softserve.

Sweet cream with butterscotch rice crispies from heaven:

Malted milk chocolate with almond brittle:


Huge fan of this place. Love their food and their corkage policy is nice as well.


Hi @thechez5,

Nice! What were your favorite dishes?


Yeah, I loved it. Plus I think it’s great for people like me who can’t really afford to splurge at a place like Bavel. :smile:

I really liked everything, but my favs were the fried chicken and the shakshouka. Loved dipping the laffa in the latter.
There was a bunch of other things on the menu that sounded good, too. I can’t wait to go back one day and try them.


Thai style street eats in LAX-C parking lot.

First stop - stall with soft shell crab tempura and “yellowtail poppers” (wonton skin wrapped fish balls).

2nd stop, Mae Ting’s next door for Thai bbq chicken, pork and Isaan sausage; coconut cakes.

Took a NorCal relative here who really got a kick out of it. The raw crab papaya salad (not pictured) was a little too adventurous in spice and textures for him, but everything else was gobbled up.

LAX-C (aka “Thai Costco”)
1100 N Main St
Los Angeles 90012


Steak frites with ode to Peter Luger tomato and onion.

Edit to add:This pictures is so awful, lol. There were carrots and salad and melon, also.


Your ode to Peter Lugars is nice, @Bookwich…much better than the APL version.


Love love Mae Tings Coconut Cakes!!


Love love Mae Tings Coconut Cakes!!

Love Mae Ting’s bubbly personality as well.


Fave bites from 1st visit to Yakitoriya

Chicken breast skewer — requested medium so it was juicy, a smidge pink inside.

Liver skewer — this was also requested medium so the texture was luscious.

“Soft bone” (deep fried cartilage, aka “nankotsu”). Breading was light in taste and texture.

Heart skewer — part of the 9 skewer set. I opted for the 5 pc set so I didn’t get this, but my guest got it. So jealous.

The Yelp reviews for this place were a bit scary, but @CiaoBob ‘s positive posts and a longtime Japanese community member’s comment to me about the supposed horrific Spartan-like abuse suffered by the owner/chef during the Kokekokko apprenticeship years made me rethink my hesitation in visiting Yakitoriya.

I had been to the infamous Kokekokko 4 times before its eventual closure in Little Tokyo so Yakitoriya’s similar format of 5+ skewers requirement and $20 minimum order didn’t bother me. First impressions count so I brought plenty of cash to settle the bill and altho we didn’t order alcohol, we ordered 7up and didn’t ask for tap water (dinner for 2 ppl — $106 after tax and suggested 20% tip).

Was a bit disappointed we didn’t get traditional oshibori hand towels during the meal and the owner’s wife/server was as welcoming as the iceberg that sank the Titanic, but I’d still consider going back because I found the owner/chef to be polite, personable during food service to our table and the food was delish (not too salty and the liver skewers in particular were expertly grilled).

I can understand why Yakitoriya is referred to as “hostile” by some, but compared to the hoops I had to go thru just to get soft bone/nankotsu and heart skewers at Kokekokko as a non-regular (a black plate regular advised me to buy a glass of beer for the Kokekokko chef and also ask his Hispanic grill sous chef “nicely” for grilled chicken heart), Yakitoriya requires less painful back-bending.

Overheard the chef/owner’s wife say her husband learned how to make ravioli, etc. when he worked at the Melrose location of Patina…intriguing, but it’ll be a while before I go back due to price point. To be continued…



We were there a week or so ago and it was great


I’m not sure if this counts as a bang, bang and bang. I’m a middle aged man with 2 kids so my bang game is not great.

Wadatsumi - great little spot. Got there right when it opened at 11:30. Was done by 12:15 and they had a line out the door. $12.95 for grilled fish special with salad, home made tofu, rice, pickles, miso soup and chawanmushi is quite a deal. The tempura was surprisingly nicely fried.
Hisaya - I like both types of chestnuts but didn’t get the ice cream. Too full.
Monkish - picked up a growler, had a pour and traded a sour bottle for 5 cans. Useful.


Thanks for the report @foodshutterbug. So you also experienced that strange / hostile behavior? I’m glad it wasn’t just us. :frowning:

Overall, there’s just better Yakitori here in L.A. with much more welcoming atmosphere, so even though it’s so close for us, we probably aren’t in a hurry to go back soon.


Not really and not in that part of town, IMHO


Izakaya Sasaya


It has been about 15 years, but the quality sucked when I last visited


Love the homage to Peter Luger with the skirt steak kebab :wink:


@Chowseeker1999 Yakitoriya’s liver is the best I’ve come across so far, but I think they’re a lot of izakayas offering decent yakitori besides liver skewers w much better ambience and service.

Japanese restos run by couples are a mixed bag, but Shunji’s is the ideal — what a class act!


Zacatecano red chorizo (chicken), egg, potato, and cheese breakfast burrito from The Chori-Man in San Pedro. Huge and delicious (twss!).