Kenny Shopsin died - there's no way it can be the same


Another rule was that you couldn’t share a sandwich. Once for the shear joy of it I tossed a couple of f-bombs his way. He loved it :slight_smile:


Fabulous video of the man himself, at work.

Cranky, earthy - and yet so quietly skilled and smart! See him moving the pancake turner to the right and dipping it? I think he’s dipping it in the deep fryer, to heat it up and get extra oil, to make the flipping easier.


Thank you a million thanks for sharing this. He just oozed skill, didn’t he? I’m even MORE glad that we got to eat there a couple of times.

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So so jealous that you got to go there, multiple times.

And so happy that you DID.

And yes, I think he was quietly brilliant. He didn’t make a fuss about it, was way cranky and yet? Brilliant.

My husband (not a foodie my any means but loves good comedy and good people) has never forgotten this practical quote from a long ago Calvin Trillin essay -

"“Essentially, if anyone asked me what I did for a living, I said I sold mayonnaise—mayonnaise with chicken, mayonnaise with shrimp, mayonnaise with eggs, mayonnaise with potatoes. The key was that essentially you sold mayonnaise for eight dollars a pound and everything else you threw in for free.”


I loved that quote also. And the sandwiches were darn good.

I get a personal kick out of the fact that the person who recommended Shopsins to us is a very la-dee-dah person from a pretty famous NYC family (who of course shall remain nameless). I’ll take that kinda rec over the expensive places any day.