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Penang CKT >^∞ SG CKT


Niiiiice. I’ll definitely give this a go.

noob alert: how do you use MSG?


Like salt when cooking. Start with a small amount because if you use too much, it’s noticeable. Use in conjunction with salt. Try 1/2 msg and 1/2 salt for the amount of salt called for in a recipe.



Like the umami equivalent of saffron.




Why not?


because it will taste like shit.


Oh, okay. I suppose we’ll let everyone figure it out for themselves.


Ah, yes. We mustn’t ask for help. Sigh.


Good ole Ajinomoto. Never leave the Japanese market without it.


That’s dependant on how much food you are making. You only need a couple pinches of MSG in most dishes. It’s not a salt substitute, so you can’t replace salt with it, but you can use a touch less salt since the MSG enhances the salt flavor.


I would like to clarify, I was thinking of a non-Asian usage, e.g., 6-8 quarts of chicken stock, vegan jambalaya for 10 people, tomato sauce, beef stew, etc. I wasn’t talking about a stir-fry.

I’m also a “taste as you cook” person, and rarely season these types of dishes until near the end of the cooking process, then adding small amounts of salt and/or msg until it tastes right.

If you have better advice on using msg in cooking, please let @President_Mochi know.



MSG is not, and should not be, a 1:1 substitute for salt. Ever.

And for what its worth, MSG is in cheesecake takes the dessert to another level.