Kimchi Brands


We need a kimchi thread.

What’s your favorite brand, and where do you get it?


Seoul Do Soon Yi in Garden Grove

Hui Tou Xiang’s Kimchi is addicting


Thanks, adding that to the list next time i’m in little saigon.


Great thread. I need more suggestions. Carry on.


if you can carve out enough space for a large jar in your refrigerator, you can make some pretty funky kimchi at home and spice it more to taste.


I stopped shopping around after discovering Seoul Do Soon Yi.


Has anyone been to this place?


If you cannot make it to a specialty kim chee store there are 2 good brands at H-Mart. I’m sure they are available at any Korean supermarket chain as well.

The first is a imported brand from Korea. Sorry but I don’t think there is any English on the branding. It will be in a resealable plastic package (not in a jar) and more expensive than most everything on the shelf. We get the Mat Kimchee.

The other brand we get in the jar is distributed by OCINET INC. Look for a yellow label the OCINET INC is in small lettering on the label. It’s a phonetic spelling of the Korean name of the kimchee brand. It’s the best of the jarred stuff in mass production.

I’ll caveat this by saying we get a lot of home made kimchee from our parents so we only buy these every once in a while. These do the job in a pinch.


I’ve stopped by a few times on my saturday morning grocery circuit (Torrance farmers market, Tokyo Central, etc) and really like all their stuff. I’m not a kimchi expert but if you’re local to the South Bay I think it’s worth checking out. I especially like their lightly pickled cucumbers.


That’s good to hear. I’m in Torrance, so I’ll check it out one of these days. Thanks!


I seek out small, independent grocers who make their own.


i usually get the bagged stuff whenever i’m k-town


I’ve seen this but haven’t purchased. Is it good?


i don’t claim to be a connoisseur, but i liked it. it made sense if you had a big jar in the fridge and wished to replenish the jar - using only a plastic bag also dropped the overall price accordingly.


California Market on Western has a decent selection of kimchi/banchan, although a few times I sampled I thought it was too salty.

Jun Won’s banchan store closed I think, unfortunately


If you’re interested in trying to make it at home, I’ve been happy with the results after trying Dave Chang’s paechu kimchi recipe from the Momofuku cookbook.


Also available for free here:


Another place I forgot down in OC. Their upmarket diffusion line is


Very interesting. I didn’t know that MIL kim chee was from this restaurant. I assumed since it was at whole foods and other non Korean markets it would be inauthentic.


Ingredients look legit, though beef broth is a new one to me.