Kimchi Brands


A little insider tip…

Han Yang in Buena Park is selling their Mustard Green Kimchi, $8 for a jar.

I’ve eaten a lot in Koreatown and OC, believe me I don’t think anyone else is doing Mustard Green Kimchi.

IMO all of these traditional Chinese greens would make amazing kimchi because they are naturally slightly bittersweet

Don’t sleep on this


If you’re in the SGV area or don’t mind traveling, you could attend one of forager Pascal Baudar’s hands-on classes on fermentation, which includes learning to make delicious wild plants kimchi (wild mustard is abundant around here). I can’t speak to the kimchi’s “authenticity” but the class is great fun and very informative.


Highly recommended.


Kind People Kimchi


Mother-N-Law Kimchi is legit!

The regular napa cabbage kimchi is one of the best I had.

Sul Lung Tang. Halfway between light and milky.


I’ve tried quite a few brands and my favorite napa cabbage kimchi is by Kaesung Banchan and Kimchi Market - a small hole-in-the-wall on St. Andrews Place off Olympic Blvd.

Kaesung’s napa kimchi is also sold by the jar at Olympic Market, but it’s slightly cheaper at the Kaesung store and they sell it at different states of aging (very fresh for eating straight or aged/fermented for over 1-2 weeks if using it for a kimchi based casserole or stew).

I don’t have a picture, but the water radish kimchi is also quite good, but it comes in a huge jar so I don’t get it that often.

Besides various kimchi, Kaesung also sells some banchan appetizers. One I really like is seasoned perilla leaves.

Here’s a link to an LA Times article containing more info:

Kaesung Banchan and Kimchi Market
1010 S St Andrews Pl.
Los Angeles, CA 90019
(323) 737-6565


Seoul Do Soon Yi, Garden Grove


How was it? Did you get the fresh or mature version?


Thanks @foodshutterbug. :slight_smile: Kaesung sells it by the smaller size jars as well? I see your pic is 28 oz is that the smallest size? Thanks.


The fresh and it is pretty damn good. I’ll be getting another small jar sometime next week


Hi @JeetKuneBao,

Thanks! When you say “small jar” you mean that default jar in most of the refrigerated cases in the store? Because that was pretty big. :sweat_smile: We wanted to buy a jar last time, but it would take up too much refrigerator space for us (and we probably couldn’t finish it fast enough). Is there a smaller jar of their napa cabbage kimchi?


@JeetKuneBao glad you enjoyed it.

@Chowseeker1999 It stores indefinitely :wink:. I had one batch in the fridge for about 8mths before I finally finished it. The later stages were used primarily for jigaes or pork belly stir fry. Just be careful if the bottle is full as it ages… seepage.


Yes there is a smaller side but I think it sells out pretty quick. I grabbed the last one in the fridge when I last went


@Chowseeker1999 – yes, that’s the smallest size. For kimchi fans, 28 oz. is a good size.

I’ve purchased smaller jars from supermarket brands (e.g. msg-free King’s), but I prefer the taste of Kaesung’s.

Parks BBQ has a to go store selling small quantity kimchi, banchan, meats, etc. and I’ll be trying it out this winter for home kbbq.


Thanks @foodshutterbug. :slight_smile: I’ll give Kaesung’s a try. Looking forward to hearing how Parks to-go turns out.