Kiriko - A Picture Story



I think I gotta go back for dinner. My lunch at Kiriko looked nothing like that at all. Not that it was bad, mind you. Certainly not at that level.


What camera are you using?


galaxy s6


Dinner omakase? If so, how much did it run?


Yes, plus supplements. I paid $245 OTD.


Per head?






That’s why I stopped going to Kiriko. At that pricepoint it’s no brainer Mori or Shunji for me. There was a time where I could get out around $100 at Kiriko and thus it had a niche in my rotation. After a couple of $180pp omakases I had to stop going.


Nice, camera phones continue to progress. My iPhone 5s took great shots for its time but can’t hold a candle to the new phones. Getting an iPhone 6s soon. Looking forward to trying that out and seeing how it compares.


Good lighting doesn’t hurt either


I concur. To me it’s definitely a couple fucking notches below Mori, Shunji, Zo and even Go Smart.

Except for and you know the proverbial fucking drill: my tamagoyaki. And those blue crab hand rolls.

And thats no fucking joke.


When Kiriko is on their A game, it’s hard to beat their combination of quality and creativity. But they are wildly inconsistent, not to mention having to deal with the UCLA/Sawtelle clientele while eating your $200 omakase. That being said, I have a very soft spot for Ken-san and crew.


And there’s my tamagoyaki.

Nuff fucking said.


Likewise. I spent years feasting at Mori, for whom I have a spot spot as well, but my first choice has been Kiriko for a while now.


so true