Kitchen and cabinet organization - tips and tricks


Love your set up, @Google_Gourmet!


This should probably be a spin-off thread. :grimacing:

Our kitchen is new with plenty of cabinets - traditional over/under the sink & counters, over/next to the stove and range, but no pantry. No more construction will be done! It’s about organizing it. Having those step inserts for spices and such really helps finding things. I think I (using “I” in broad terms) could do a makeshift version of @Google_Gourmet’s and install pullout drawers or wire baskets on wheels in the side cabinet, so the bottles of oils, etc. are not on dangerously high levels.

Okay, I see one thing I could do in the meantime. Put cutting boards, etc. over the range and the bottles of oils, etc. into this lower cabinet. We’re still pulling things together after being out of the place for months. All condiments were thrown out and re-purchased little by little. Looks like enough now, lol. My confession is I have a condiment addiction - the fridge doors are just as packed.

Edit: I would like to move the stupid outlet that’s over the burners.


Yeah, I have things in the fridge that don’t need to be there but I need them somewhere.

I’ve seen those vertical divider thingies where lids, baking sheets etc. are put. It’s sure a challenge.


Thanks @ipsedixit!