Kitchen/cooking gift ideas for kids


Hi all. I asked the mother of my godson for gift ideas, and she mentioned he likes kitchen and cooking things. Any suggestions for kitchen/cooking themed toys, books, etc. for a 4 year old? Preferably in the $20 and under range, with some flexibility (his birthday is a week after Christmas so I plan to buy 2 gifts). Both his parents are avid home cooks and bakers. Thanks in advance.


I just googled “cooking implements for little kids” and the suggestions were almost endless. Check it out. And I will also. I’ve got grands three, four and seven. Thanks for the inspiration.


Thank you. I started a search on Target’s website, but it would be nice to get specific suggestions because–as you mentioned–there are tons of options to weed through.


My niece loves to bake and a few years ago I got her a monogrammed chefs apron that said “chef Cleo” and she loved it. Sorry I can’t think of the place offhand but I’m sure the google would find it.


This was it


She’s four so that could be nice.


A cooking class.


This is a great idea, thank you!