Kitchens, what not to do


There is no real category for this but I figured this is the most appropriate category. We moved to Savannah, GA last year. Much in the house had been updated and “improved”. The house is 50 years old and a great house. Hurricanes no problem. The kitchen was one of the “improved” rooms. The cabinets and drawers were Shaker style. The countertops black granite. I had kind of given up on keeping the cabinetry was flat and a major problem to keep clean. They caught every drip, dribble and every bit of dust. The polished black granite countertops are even worse. Every finger print, smear, dribble shows up ten-fold. I’ve kind of given up on trying to keep them immaculate except when my cleaner is coming so I don’t look like a complete slob. I have replaced the cabinetry with new doors and drawer fronts. That was pricy but it looks a hell of a lot better. Now I need to replace the cooktop and probably the oven.


Could you make the countertop “unshiny.” Sand it down or something. I hope you’re considering induction for your cooktop. I’m several years into mine and wouldn’t trade it for the very highest end gas. Sincerely.


Sanding granite could open up pores in the rock which can absorb icky stuff as well as stains. There’s probably a sealer you can use, but I’d do a bit of research and maybe ask a pro what they might recommend.


Yeah, I think you’re right. I bet it’s doable but have ZERO knowledge. Shiny, black counter tops sound like a nightmare.


My granite is highly polished. That is why everything shows.


They are!