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Superb write-up. Massive amounts of great info. If I had to write an essay on knives, I’d plagiarize the hell outta this!:wink:


@President_Mochi Glad you found it helpful.
If you need cookware, this 10 pc set is really a smoking deal, its likely coming straight out of the demeyere factory in Belgium. IMO better than all clads.

It looks identical to this

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What happens to the knives on the magnetic strip during an earthquake?


If the earthquake was strong enough, some might fall on the counter.


For butchering meat, highly recommend Victorinox boning knife.


Nice, I was a member of the knife forum at that time as well.


Cool @aaqjr! You must have an interesting collection I’m sure fellow knife nut.


I have the Sabatier that Chad Ward sold off after writing Edge in the Kitchen. Lol.


Nice, regret not hitting him up for a signed copy of his book when it was first published


I have a custom fillet knife from Guillaume Cote and a honyaki Shodai Masayoshi fuguhiki that Aframes Tokyo got from a sushi shop closing in Japan other than that my collection is mostly suisin and aritsugu at the moment. Stones are mostly from Jon at JKI


Have a nice carter 8 sun custom mirror finished deba with ebony and horn handle. Think I was too greedy, it’s a bit unwieldy size wise but enjoy admiring it. Beautiful steel.

A whole bunch of primarily Japanese knives. I have a German made Robert Herder 1922 series carbon steel chef knife that I’m particularly fond off. Terrific steel too with heft of traditional German design.


Those Herder knifes look pretty nice, I actually had Jon take of the choil off the Sabatier for me :o


No! Never buy a set. You will get knives you may never use. Buy your knives individually. Handle them, see how they fit your hand and your needs. I spent many, many years in the kitchenware business and always encouraged potential buyers to try them out and to decide if they were comfortable. I also discouraged buyers from buying knives as a gift…even if they put a penny in the box. If a buyer knew that a giftee had expressed a desire for a knife was different. I usually suggested that buying a gift certificate so the recipient could make a selection that fitted them as the best way to go. I have a lot of knives made of different materials and for different purposes. I love my Kyocera ceramic micro-serrated knife for soft fruits and vegetables. That would be one knife I could recommend if someone wanted to buy a “gift” knife.


For those of you who likes to cook, I’m sure there’s no better feeling than to dance through your ingredients with your sharp knife!

So what’s your weapon of choice? Favorite knife profile? German? Japanese? Preferred steel? Gyuto or santoku, or perhaps something else? Preferred length? 210mm? 240mm?

How often do you sharpen your knife? What method do you use in Sharpening your knife? Whetstone? Other means?

Tell us about your cutting board as well? Edge-grain? End-grain? Material? Is it bamboo? Walnut? Maple?

Let us know!

Here’s mine. 2 Japanese gyutos. One is 210mm with VG10 steel and the other one is 240mm with SRS15 steel. The short one is a paring knife. I also have a short 110mm Mac gyuto that’s not in the picture.

I sharpen my babies about once a month until shaving sharp and able to cut thin slices of tomato without holding the tomato down.

Since I don’t trust myself in using a whetstone, I use something called Spyderco Sharpmaker to sharpen my knives. It takes a lot long than using whetstones but works well for noobs like me!

Using a 2 inch thich end-grain chopping block made out of maple. Here I was testing out my knife with some fine tomato brunoise, julienne apple, and supremed some oranges.


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I have a santoku style knife. No idea of brand, I use it for almost everything. Sometimes it’s medium sharp and sometimes not. A paring knife - brand again unknown. A few super cheap serrated paring knives, a bread knife. A right. A big carving knife ? that we mostly use for cutting pizzas. Oh yeah a couple of steak knives that might have been my family’s. I use them to slice whatever. They all get the job done and I don’t obsess over them. Obviously :smile:
PS: For super thin slicing I use my mandolin.