Knife Life


True. In whetstone speak, it’s roughly 1k, 2.5k, and 6k/8k for me so it’s not taking much edge, if any, off at all.


Totally. You’ve got the tools and the skills! Just throwing that info out there. :smile:


I thought of you guys at lunch (some how I’m guessing this might be a “guy” thing.)

We were making BATs (bacon, avocado and tomato). I sharpened my knife on one of these

Farberware Tabletop Knife Sharpener

Cut through the tomato like cutting through soft butter :slight_smile: And it’s probably 15 y.o. and the knife older than that. I think I’ll buy some art this afternoon :slight_smile:


Okay now. I see these knives and accoutrements but a couple of you aren’t sharing your adventures in the kitchen. Poke, poke :wink:


Broccoli soup with a touch of cream and fried ham

Beef meatballs with sauteed squash & pan con tomate

Spicy ponzu-glazed catfish with zucchini, garlic rice & ginger peanuts

Chicken panang-ish

Panko crusted chicken breast, ratatouille, piperade

coconut panna cotta with mixed berry and cherry compote

Citrus kale salad, orange and grapefruit supreme, jalapeno, toasted almond, lemon and lime zest, orange cumin champagne vinaigrette

Sous vide chicken breast, creamed corn, sauteed garlic balsamic Swiss chard, Brandy mustard cream sauce

Red wine and spices infused pear with vanilla ice cream!


Great googleymoogley! Good looking stuff!


Gorgeous photos! Maybe you could post a few of your fave recipes over on Home Cooking. I especially liked that broccoli soup.


No recipe really. I just eyeball everything and use what I have. Maybe sweat some onion, garlic, and throw in some spice. At the same time, blanch and brown some broccoli and puree everything with a Vitamix with some of the salted water used to blanch broccoli. Drizzle in some olive oil while blending. Add a touch of cream at the end.


Cool. Perhaps copy and post on Home Cooking. Along with others please.




Intense…is it blasphemy to say that a loupe might help?! :grinning:


Help do what? Seriously. What do y’all do with these knives?!?!?


Cut vegetables…


Did u see the mound of whetstones??


Yes but… I have knives that cost under $100 each that cut everything beautifully. I’ve been paying particular attention to this since this thread activated. I wouldn’t cut a tomato as thin as I could.


It’s not the cost of the knife that matters. It’s finding the knife profile you prefer (since each knife has a slight profile difference even amongst German and Japanese knives), the steel that it comes with (so it can be as sharp as the steel can take it and allows you to sharpen it at a lesser angle so the knife can go through ingredients like butter and STAY that way for as long as possible), having a good fit and finish (so your hands or fingers won’t feel tired or sore when you have to cut up a large amount of ingredients for batch cooking), and a knife with a good balance to you so it can act as an extension of your hand.

Aesthetics plays a role too since I wouldn’t want to maintain something that I don’t particularly appreciate…

Some like cars, some likes collectibles, some likes a yacht…but I like food, cooking, knives, and sharpening. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sums it up perfectly.

Sometimes it’s not the destination, but the journey that’s important.


I’ve given more thought to this than it deserves. For me, it comes down to my personal financial ethics. Just because I can afford the most expensive of anything probably means I won’t buy it. I’m thinking of recent purchases. Almost everything was greatly reduced and/or had free shipping :slight_smile: Just my thing. Enjoy yourselves. Sincerely.


I have around a dozen, but I could get by with only the 10-inch chef’s and 4-inch paring. I have two of each of those, so I can just swap them out when they need sharpening.


We have a fair number also that go back over 30 years when a friend of Bob’s went to cooking classes and then ‘ordered’ Bob to get a set. Hmm, I should look. We’ve been donating a ton of things the last few months. Maybe I got rid of some.