Kopitiam - Malaysian resto reopens in LES


Menu looks very promising - very focused compared to the typical jack-of-all-trades template menus ala Penang, Nyonya etc. Curious to see how their version of nasi ulam compares to the version I had recently in KL.


Seems Malaysians prefer the East coast. :frowning:


Yes lots more of them around. Even the laundry service in my building is operated by folks originally from Ipoh.


No ulam rice on the menu and middling nasi lemak - the dreaded chewy dried anchovies and insufficient sambal to rice ratio… search continues


I guess with a meh nasi lemak, ulam rice would be above their pay grade?


Yeah, it was probably a good idea to omit ulam rice off their final menu. Lots of Malaysians in NYC but unfortunately restaurant quality is still quite poor. These restaurateurs all seem to be serving food from an alternate Malaysian universe…