Korean Food


Got Hangari on my to-do list but I just heart Olympic Noodle for the tableside kimchi!

And I definitely trust cdub for the recs


appreciate it.

i’d recommend hangari. on another level versus olympic noodle, which i actually still like too.


Tonight was the perfect night for Galbi Tang at Han Yang. And I really dig their bok choy kimchi.


Have you been to Hangari in recent months? Just wondering if the quality has remained the same since expansion. I think I may have heard rumblings about an owner change as well.


Went about a month ago. The same as it’s always been but with less of a wait.


We went to olympic religiously before discovering Myung Dong Noodle House (went again yesterday). The kimchi was definitely some of the best.

Has anyone been to MaDangGooksu lately?


they’re a personal favorite, but haven’t been in the last 6 months or so. there are a number of good places in that mall. and i’ve wanted to try the place at the north end in the superstore.


Back to Ma Dang and they win the kalguksu game

Don’t be judging the sushi roll. Kid loves them


Kimbap is legit. Tried my first one in elementary school from my Korean friends during lunch and have loved them ever since. I like spam and tuna.


I make those for my child. Leftovers, rice and nori, what’s not like? (+1 on the spam.)


Korean sushi rolls are awesome.


My wife will punch in the face anyone who calls kimbap “Korean sushi”. And yes, our boys love them too.


Will she also punch me if I called sushi “Japanese kimbap”?


weren’t you once insisting that XLB shouldn’t be called dumplings?


I think she’d say “sushi is sushi and kimbap is kimbap”.


Outta curiosity, what joints have great banchan variety and quality? There’s this one banchan, fried or candied sweet potato I believe, that I’ve had before but I haven’t come across in LA. Sounds super basic but it’s crazy delicious.


I think for pure variety and selection, it’s hard to top Genwa.

But for quality for quality’s sake, I think my vote goes to Park’s.

Which isn’t to say the banchan at Genwa is of low quality, just that I think the ingredients and freshness at Park’s is a step (or 2 or 3) above most places.

But for pure selection, hard to beat Genwa (with maybe Soban a distant second)


This assessment strikes me as spot on.


Chung kiwa has a potato that’s sweetened as a banchan but your description sounds more like a dessert served at Korean Chinese restaurants


I thought the quality at Park’s was great, including some of the best kimchi I’ve ever had, but I’m pretty sure that since we were at a four-top there wasn’t enough room for the whole spread so we got only a subset. Certainly we didn’t get as many as I see in photos of larger tables, e.g.:

Korean birthday feasting