Korean or Japanese BBQ recommendations


Great. Thanks for reporting back. I have enjoyed Genwa over the years but do prefer going into K-town.

I have not tried Ten-Raku. Looks good.


Finally made it to Park’s. Got the house special galbi and the marinated pork belly, both excellent, best-quality meat i’ve had at a Korean restaurant.

What’s in that jang-based (?) sauce? Delicious.

The grill took up so much of the four-top I felt like there wasn’t enough room for all the banchan etc. we should have had. Kimchi was excellent. There was a good Japanese-ish green salad that wasn’t like anything I’ve been served at a Korean place before.

I’m not sure what this was. Mild.

Hijiki salad? Really good with soju.

With two 640ml beers and one bottle of soju it came to $120 for three before tip. Seemed quite reasonable given the quality


Park’s is excellent and to this day, still my favorite kbbq spot. The cut of meat to get there is the kkotsal. Marbling on that cut is insane. Their marinated galbi is a touch on the sweet side for me.

The salad looks like a sesame leaf salad, which is more common to eat as a part of ssam.


Park’s has the goods. Reigning champ for me.

Next time, order the pork belly with grilled kimchi and lettuce/herb plate. Amazing. Dip a lettuce wrap in that sauce they have, pure fuckin ecstasy.


Yup, pork belly without grilled kimchi is a fail.

Another sauce hack for pork belly is to ask for minced garlic and mix liberally with sesame oil. Park’s is one of the only places that will have the raw minced garlic (as long as you ask).


Nice! I’ll have to try that next time, if I remember before soju bombz.


YakiYan for Japanese BBQ


What about a recommendation for five teenagers? I’m not taking them to Park’s. To paraphrase @J_L :

They are not yet worthy.


Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong or Soot Bull Jeep depending if you prefer Hipster or Old Skool vibe


I like them both. :slight_smile: Thank you for the recs.


I’d take 5 teenagers to Oo-kook. AYCE and it’s a more social kind of atmosphere.


Five teenagers?

Hopefully it’s not like this all night!!