La Fonda Antioquena - Colombian


I think this place is completely under-rated and under-hyped. People who like food that I’ve brought are completely blown away by the quality, selection and value. This place honestly feels like spots we’ve been to all over Europe (haven’t had the pleasure of going to South America), very old-world feel. Older staff, very caring, professional and honestly everyone there really gives a shit about food and about you enjoying the food.

We’ve been going for years now. It’s especially great for hangovers because their soups are pretty unreal. I’ve tried their catfish soup

their beef soup

and their weekend special fish and shrimp stew, which is a chowder really…

their Oxtail soup looks dope too, next time.

Empanadas are otherworldly, they’re frying up their corn dough to crispy outside but luscious inside perfection. Meat blend is seasons fantastically. The ubiquitous scallion salsa tops it off so well.

Good blood sausage is hard to find in LA, South Americans know what they’re doing. Colombian morcilla version is rice heavy so it’s not a challenging food for anyone blood-timid . very delicious … Arepa side

They have a selection of stewed meat dishes that are on some sort of a magical sauce of what seems to only be onion and tomato but it’s really a case of 1+1=5. I have no idea how they are developing their flavors the way they are. These sauces and this should be said about all of their dishes, are seasoned really really well, very big flavor and salty but without tasting salty at all. Nothing spicy so you really can taste their mastery… Spicy is easy

Yesterday we opted for the braised tongue… comes with potato, yuca, rice, beans (their beans are a revelation and you can’t not eat them there. Was our kid’s favorite too, in the background there), arepa, tomato, avocado

but, all of the colombians who attend appear to order the paisas… this is the Bandeja paisa… every tables seems to have this huge chicharon on it… it’s not a light meal but hard to forget.

lifted this pic from yelp

if you haven’t been, go yesterday. In a city with phenomenal Mexican food, loads of Salvadorean, some Brazilian it’s nice to have something else, so unique here. Colombian cuisine is a throwback to a different era where technique really matters.


Where is it?


Near Melrose x Wiltern/Western, not too far from Marios Peruvian actually.

Been meaning to try this place for a
long time. Might be the one true Colombian place in LA. Thanks for posting this Nemroz.





I really love their chicken rice, as well as their caramel flan.


I’d like to point your attention to their enormous and rich Tamal. Way better than any mexican one i’ve had… (sorry their masa is too dry by design, no matter what)

This thing is filled with stewed pork, and chicken both still on the bone…


what’s the prices like on this place? It’s near my work…


Good prices. this thing is a meal for 2 for $10 for example.

get a soup


Without debating what’s “true Colombian”, here are a couple of other Colombian restaurants that are worth a visit:

La Maria



What’s wrong with La Fonda? :slight_smile:


Nothing at all - it’s a fine place.


Went today w my buddy, got the tamal, the brisket and a empanada… good shit, recommended… really nice staff… VERY heavy food, not eating rest of day. The table salsa was GREAT.