LA FTC'ers a/k/a "beer snobs"


Variants are still where it’s at though.

Last great bottle I had was a month ago. We’re a much more wine focused fam now.


Had a great time at the Horus Hootenanny in Oceanside yesterday. Great location at the Fine Arts Center with about 60 breweries representing. Half indoors and half outdoors with a good amount of seating and not over crowded.

The best tastes of the day
Brulee from 3 Chiefs which about half the festival was lined up for and almost caused a riot. Smooth dark caramel flavored stout.
Proper Dose from Horus. The best coffee stout I’ve ever had. Hard to believe this was 14%.
A mead from Casa Agria that they brought a very limited amount of and do not bottle. Beautifully balanced sweet and tart mead.
Eraserhead from Foam. Hazy IPA. Juicy. Smooth.


Yes, you need a bigger refrigerator!