La Grotta Da Concetta in Campobasso, Molise


This modest place has gotten Slow Food awards for about a dozen years and they have the plates on the wall to show it. As we arrived Z

ia Concetta stepped out the kitchen door to catch a breathe of cool fresh air, and told us to go in and eat. This is the food of poverty. “Pizza e Minestra” which is not pizza as we know it. It little chunks of baked cornmeal mixed with a much larger quantity of bitter greens. “Fegato di maiale con l’alloro” thin slices of pig liver grilled with fresh bay leaves. Lentil soup, stuffed rabbit, fried egg with wild asparagus and pancetta, potatoes and artichokes, pumpkin cutlets. Amazingly good food. Very inexpensive. Most dishes are €7 to 8. The rabbit is €10, the most expensive dish on the menu the day we were there. Two of us spent €35 including wine.
La Grotta Da Concetta
Via Larino 7, Campobasso, Molise, Italy