Las Vegas recommendations


That will make the Friday or Saturday list. Thanks!


lotus of siam


I’ve not been to LoS, yet…I know, I’m slow. What should we order…I’ll be going with a group that really can’t handle heat/spice. This may be a Saturday excursion. I think I need 4 people for this one.


Since your in Vegas, get a birthday cake milkshake for breakfast at Milkbar. The cereal milk is a good source of calcium and vitamin D to start your day.


I don’t know you and I’m new to the sub, but I wouldn’t say those are “foodie” destinations, except for Tea at the Mandarin Oriental, which is amazing, and Raku. Sweets Raku is ok, it’s more gimmicky than anything, I prefer Suzuya patisserie over them anyday (but it’s a drive from the Strip).

Which Bachi are you going to? If you’re driving out to Summerlin, I have some suggestions I can make out that way.

I don’t know if this is allowed, but here’s my post on another forum where I posted my regular rotation and places I’d never eat. If this isn’t allowed, mods, please feel free to delete.

John Curtas is known as “the” foodie critic around LV, unfortunately he’s closing up shop, but you can read his archives.

Hope that helps!


They’re only open for lunch on weekdays. for non-spicy items i like the garlic prawns, sea bass with drunken noodles, khao soi and panang.

if you haven’t been to a david chang restaurant yet, you may want to try out momofuku just for the pork buns or if you have 4 people the bo ssam or fried chicken.


Milkbar will be supplying sweets to go with Secret Pizza snacks sometime at night.


We’ve been to the OG in NYC. If we have time, we’ll roll over for some baos. I do love those things even though I can make them at home now.


Sometimes when you travel with others, you have to compromise. If I can sneak in a few new Vegas options that I’ve never had before, I consider my trip a success.


Thanks, @PorkyBelly! Friday lunch it is!


I don’t go to Vegas a lot but based on suggestions from friends I’m going to dinner at Carbone and Yui next month.

I think you can do LoS with your friends who don’t eat very spicy. The crispy fried shrimp and puffed rice sausage salad were both great and not spicy.

The gelato place inside of Aria is pretty good for a quick snack.


Absolutely! I know when I’m at work, I don’t recommend foodie destinations. I recommend Cheesecake Factory. :wink:


Yui was top notch. Better than our last high end sushi at Tsujita and significantly better than any sushi we’ve had at n/naka.

Omakase was $160 pp. We had several add ons and sake that took the total to $550 total with tip.

Highlights were

  • Scallop
  • Fatty Kamashita (piece of toro near the neck)
  • O-toro
  • A5 wagyu cooked over bincho
  • Nodoguro (never had before)
  • duke

Service was great. We sat in front of Gen. He was very funny and talkative. Seemed to be very proud of his sourcing of everything in the restaurant including his wasabi and shark skin greater, chef’s knife he has been using for 28 years, Japanese rubber cutting board he imported and the 22 for piece of special compressed wood for the sushi bar. A wonderful all around experience.


I saw your post…

Places you’ll never see Smokeydoke at:
Palace Station Oyster Bar

Any particular reason? Hopefully you see this message before I book a room at the Palace Station for the sole purpose of eating at Oyster Bar then walking back to my room and passing out.


I believe this is the same owner as Ritter Steam Kettle in OC and The Boiler in Chino Hills.


Yes. From Palmdale, OC might as well be Vegas.

And I love me some Ritters…


A bit closer than OC…


Has anyone been to the L.A. location?


Well, it has 2K reviews on Yelp and 4.5 stars, so there must be a reason people love it. If that’s your thing, go for it.
My comment was more a jab towards David Chang, who wrote that Palace Station Oyster Bar is his favorite restaurant in Las Vegas. :joy: Not for me, not by a long shot.

Us locals kinda look at it with disdain and would never eat there, it’s more a tourist thing. I would not wait in a two hour line for pan roast and oysters, there’s many other places in town that serve delicious fresh oysters. In so many words, it’s not worth the hype, much like Yardbird.

Palace Station is a bit away from the action, is an older hotel and kinda run-down. Any particular reason why you’re staying there? I recommend Little Tony’s (if it’s still open), it’s run by the same people who run Pizza Rock.

  1. it’s cheap
  2. it would allow me to walk from Oyster Bar to room and pass out

I would not wait in a two hour line for pan roast and oysters, there’s many other places in town that serve delicious fresh oysters.

I would be in it for the pan roast, not for the oysters. And if met with a 2 hour line I would pass…