Last Minute Trip to Tokyo...HELP! 6/29-7/10


Hi @beefnoguy

Do you still feel strongly that Kurosaki would be a top choice for sushi in Tokyo?
I am setting up some meals in Tokyo/Osaka for 2 of us October.
Any other thoughts appreciated.


Hi @CiaoBob, Kurosaki is certainly worthy of trying and can also be a perfectly fine backup choice if you cannot get into top tier places (e.g. the ones that will only take bookings from certain hotel concierge services and get fully booked in advance by regulars). I certainly enjoyed Kurosaki a lot and in fact plan on returning a second time in a few months.

You can also try equivalently satisfying sushi restaurants…while they either have no star nor fame like their more famous counterparts, you will get a variety of styles (and prices) to build your knowledge of The Force.

Bentenyama Miyakosushi in Asakusa - super old school sushi, no fancy ingredients like uni, but 200% Edomae sushi technique. Original owner trained with the founder of Edomae sushi, Hanaya Yohei…so this is like the holy grail (or as close as possible). Good vinegared sushi rice, but tends to be a bit more moist and softer. Can consider for lunch. Very reasonably priced too…basically Shin Sushi for even better quality and prep.

Sushi Taichi (Ginza) - reasonably priced nigiri sushi lunch set. Possibly they may ask customer to be accompanied by Japanese speaker, but if you can overcome that hurdle, it’s supposed to be quite excellent.

If you can’t book Sushi Taichi for lunch, you can try Sushi Suzuki (Ginza) or Sushi Ryusuke (Ginza), you can get a nigiri only lunch for a bit more than 1/3 of the price. Ryusuke maybe similar to the Sushi Sho style restaurants mentioned below, and Ryusuke probably does a bit less aging of fish.

Other places you can consider

Takumi Shingo (Aoyama) - review here: [Tokyo] Otsumami, Sake, and Sushi Heaven at Takumi Shingo

Sushi Sho Saito (Akasaka) - similar to Takumi Shingo, same lineage (Sushi Sho’s Nakazawa san’s top apprentice, Takumi Shingo is just as good, subjective as to who is better).

How many days will you have in Tokyo?


Will be there for 4 nights.