Latin seafood restaurant of this style


Saw this a few years ago for a place in Chicago:

Would love to find something like this in LA! I’ve been to San Pedro, but am looking for more of an actual restaurant and with this sort of variety, ideally on one plate as shown here.



Try the “All-In Special” at Big Catch.

Or any of the combos at DaeBuDo.


Yeah but those are either boiled in bag seafood or korean style. Was looking for Latin American.


But they’re not boiled.

And how is Korean style different than the seafood cooked on the grill at Alegrias?


Seasonings. Check out the video. Latin American seafood preparation and Korean seafood preparation are very, very different. Entirely different flavor profiles.


this isn’t exactly what you are looking for but Langosta Ranchera has a parrillada mariscos dish. they are
in ELA on whittier.

also Marisco El Moreno on Atlantic an Lynwood has a dish with mixed seafood in a tomato sauce that
is more italian than mexican that has the bacon wrapped shrimp you described. they serve it in a
pineapple. BTW- this is one of the best restaurants i ate at this year.