Lemons, lemons lemons


I have a surfeit of lemons (both Eureka and Meyer) and not quite sure what to do with them. I thought either a lemon curd or preserved lemons would be a way to use them up. Any suggestions?


You can also juice some of them and freeze the juice in ice cube trays to use as need be.


You can juice the lemons, then candy the peels.


You can use them to infuse vodka or olive oil, slice them thin and saute with garlic, oil and spaghetti, or make scampi every day for a week (I would do this).



My Shaker cookbook says three medium or two large lemons for two cups of sugar, and to discard the ends when you slice them. It works well with both regular and Meyer lemons.


Done! Thank you.



I’ve had a variation made with Meyer lemons and it’s great, but I can’t find a recipe.


Thank you. Sounds fabulous.


This is a good thread, because I’m mad for citrus and will do stupid things like buy five pounds of Eurekas or let my neighbors know I’ll take all their tangerines.

Then I get disinheartened because I have so, so many lemons/oranges and most recipes for lemon cake or pasta or ice-cream will ask for “1/2 cup lemon juice” or “zest of one orange”. I am way past that point!

I agree with @robert that limoncello is a great way to use up lemons. I’ve given it as gifts over the years.

My favorite citrus cake:


On the LA Times site, below the recipe you linked to, was a link to this recipe - using limoncello: