Let’s talk Khachapuri, particularly the adjaran / adjaruli style (Georgian cheesebread that a lot of Armenians make)


Have you found an exceptional one you’d rec?

Are you just learning that this is a thing?

Did you know that there are places delivering it such as this Tony dude?

Doesn’t delivery just kill off more than half of the joy out of these things? To me they seem only acceptable out of the oven with melted cheese and the runny yolk. How can delivery even come close to delivering this


I love this dish. There is a place in Glendale, across the street and north from the Americana that has the best I have ever tasted - better than mine. I don’t remember the name of the restaurant and I haven’t been to Glendale in some time (I was working and it was a lunch) but it was so good. It was an Armenian restaurant, but the best Georgian food ever. just down the street from Khinkali. It doesn’t show up on Google maps. In my opinion Georgia is like the American south, the soul food of eastern Europe.


I’m looking for authentic Georgian versions, as well. Isn’t anything “cheese bread” a khachapuri?

My wife did a mission there (a nurse) and they fed her some kind of khachapuri that she has yet to find here. Unfortunately she is little help in her own cause, not being able to describe it well enough for me to even know what I’m looking for.


LA Times “Saturday” section, page 2, mentioned a Georgian Khachapuri maker start up of some sort. Sorry for the vague minimal details but I’m no where near our Saturday paper right now.


Probably Tony which I posted the pic from

@Gr8pimpin yes it’s any baked cheese bread


Is it one of these?


Are you referring to Corner Cuisine?


Thank you for posting! This will hopefully get me some answers during my interrogation:-)


No although the picture in the menu looks great. This place was on Brand.


Along with robert’s link below here is a link to a Georgian cooking website, https://georgianrecipes.net/. Perhaps your wife can find it there.


Thank you!


Papillon has good adjarakan khachapuri, in addition to their full set of nutella/dulce de leche desserts: https://www.papilloninternationalbakery.com/adjarakan.php

Furn Saj in Granada Hills specializes in the stuff too: https://www.furnsajbakery.com/menu


The Khachipuri at Sassoon Bakery in Pasadena is the bomb, but when I call in the order, the lady on the phone always wants to make sure I know what I’m ordering because, apparently, I don’t pronounce it correctly.


I used to end my long runs there and order them since I used to live across the street, and every time they would mention that I should call them ahead of time since it takes 10 minutes or so to bake. Best post-run breakfast ever!


kha cha poo ree a ja roo lee


i find Papillon quality below that of small shops. I dont know how many locations they run now but it’s not great.


I’m a fan of Furn Saj!


This sounds Arabic, not Transcaucasian though.


Lebanese, but they look awfully similar.


Not to me. In shape only and not even that. I think this better left as a regional speciality. The cheese used by Armenians and Georgians is unique