Let's talk about gross things people do in a restaurant


I’m more of a sweater than a sniffer. #bigguyproblems


You carry a handkerchief? Well, then you’re absolved of ALL sins, mortal and venial :slight_smile:


People who bring their dogs to supposedly dog friendly restaurants per se outdoor seating. And it sits there and licks his balls.


Why yes, don’t walk out of the house without one. I pack a stack when I travel, consider it essential just like socks and underwear. I guess it is kind of unusual in this day and age.


I think that’s wonderful. As a kid, that was one of the first things I learned to iron. Daddy’s handkerchiefs.


I used to iron my hankies, but gave that up, just like wearing a suit and tie. Now I try to live in shorts and a tee, jeans when needed and slacks when only really needed. I like to keep my life as low key maintenance as possible these days.


I’m guessing that you don’t go to restaurants where a jacket is required?

  1. Put ketchup on eggs.
  2. Dip French fries in ranch.
  3. Not allow ketchup for your french fries.
  4. Insist that “no onions, please” is a “substitution”.
  5. Serve me a succulent embedded in a brick.


Are there any restaurants left that do? I think the last time I wore a jacket for a non-obligation dinner, it was at one of Boulud’s place in Vegas a few years ago. I did their tasting menu by myself and thought I’d make myself look somewhat presentable at least. After that, the rest of the week, I was in shorts and a tee.

But otherwise, even the nice restaurants in LA and most parts of the country, I can get away with slacks and a button down long sleeve if it’s a “nice” place. In LA, non holey jeans, nice shoes and a long sleeve button down covers just about any occasion. When it’s cool, I’ll throw on a blazer, but that’s about it.

Still, I enjoy casual mom and pop or hole in a wall places best anyway. I’m happier hunting down a taco truck over the latest hot high end restaurant.


I like to mix my sunny side up eggs into my hash browns/breakfast potatoes, douse with hot sauce and just a splash of ketchup. That would probably put you off?

Hahahaha! Have you been following the conversation between @TheCookie and I?


I get really irritated at places that won’t hold back a garnish or a last item topping and using the no substitutes as an excuse. I’m not asking to change what or how you cook something. Just don’t throw that last item on top!


This is three years old so who knows?



I’d do it for French Laundry, Boulud’s, Galatoire’s and maybe Per Se. As for Spiaggia, I always go to their sister place right next door, Cafe Spiaggia. Less formal but it’s still an upscale restaurant, I find the food fantastic and the prices reasonable. I wear slacks and long sleeve button down. So far haven’t found a compelling reason to dress up and pay more to go to Spiaggia.

It’s not that I won’t wear a jacket, I just prefer not to do so if possible. I grew up going out to nice dinners occasionally and learning the proper manners. I’m comfortable in a suit and tie and can carry myself properly in formal events. I just prefer the socal beach attire and attitude.


Oh, I didn’t mean to imply ANY criticism! None.

A little story. My husband spent most of his career working for Levi Strauss, the jeans company. Not long before I met him, he got a pretty big promotion and bought a couple of new ‘power suits.’ Well, son of a gun, hardly anytime later they changed the dress code to jeans and whatever. Those suits eventually got donated.


No worries, I didn’t take it that way.

LOL! I had something similar happen but on a smaller scale. Worked at a company that was more traditional and I wore a long sleeve button down, slacks and nice shoes every day. Then just when I went to replace my wardrobe, company was bought out and the new owners wanted a more “tech” vibe. Dress code went to jeans and no tshirts or shoes with holes but otherwise it was casual. Now I have several nice slacks I hardly ever wear.



Maybe :smirk:



I totally agree about the face touching and add wiping hands on pants then touching food. But you’re right, what you don’t see (maybe) won’t hurt you.

Thanks. You possibly just ruined the enjoyment I have of the chocolate mousse at La Paella.


Are we talking manners or gross-outs?


I have a friend who thinks wearing flip flops to any place other than the beach or pool is the end of civilization. :roll_eyes:


To me, born and raised in the South, they’re one and the same :slight_smile:

Regarding flip-flops I’m not that strict but I’d never wear them to a ‘nice’ place. Some years ago we were on Cape Cod and went to dinner with another couple. He showed up with his ugly, old toes hanging out in all their glory. Gross!


Re tech vibe, were the men encouraged to grown facial hair???