Let's talk about gross things people do in a restaurant


This. So this. I actually would like to take my hat off indoors as it can be too warm. I’d gladly tip someone a couple of dollars if there was a safe place.

Yeah, especially in LA, it’s monumentally stupid to judge anyone’s income by how they are dressed. So yeah, most of the time I don’t really care. As long as they’re not dirty smelly or private parts are hanging out and causing a distraction, I don’t even notice.


That won’t work for a nice hat. It’ll get destroyed easily by dirt or someone kicking or stepping on it accidentally. If there’s an open chair, I set it there, but if we’re a party of four at a four top, there’s not much of a choice.

Yeah, my nice is dark jeans, button down long sleeve and dress shoes. Blazer or leather jacket depending on the weather.

The only time I’ve worn a tie the last several years was as a pall bearer at a funeral. Even the job interviews I’ve gone to, HR has told me no tie, just suit jacket.

It would be fun to have that kind of party. Are you familiar with dapper days at Disneyland? I have some friends who are very into that. You go to Disneyland dressed up very nice, preferably vintage style. Here’s some examples


Now that I categorize as gross.


Where do you put your handbag? In other countries they usually have a miniature stand by the table or put it on a chair.


That does look fun. But those are more like costumes and ours were more like formal nights on a cruise ship.


My bag never goes on the floor. It either hangs from the chair (if it has a strap), or on an empty chair next to me if I’m at a table with an extra chair/seating. Evening bags (no strap) go on the table, off to my side, or in my lap if the table is too small.


I normally carry purses, not handbags. A pet peeve of mine is restaurants that have chairs a woman can’t hang her purse on (Bar Amá) or a bar without hooks. But to answer your question, I put it on an empty chair or on my lap.

Coincidentally I think we discussed this on another thread started by @Plumeria.


The other day I saw a busboy absentmindedly use a rag to wipe a small spill on the floor then use the same rag to wipe down a table. Because it’s a new, clean looking place and we like it I discreetly emailed the manager.


Aren’t most clothes costumes? :wink:

All those clothes are designed to be functional since you are at the park all day. The sentiment behind it was to “dress up” again like the good ole days and make it a special occasion. In that sense, it has the same reasoning as you wanting to dress up.


Got it and agree!


A formal dinner party at home seems really fun cath. I’ll put that on my “when my new kitchen is done” list. :weary:


This was pre-FB days. Wish I knew what we served. I know we had lots of candles. I LOVE candles.


My mom uses those portable hooks that you can attach to any table. It’s great for causal restaurants that are tight on space. It’s compact and fits in her purse easily. Here’s some examples

I’ve been searching for a hat equivalent and the few that exist are still too bulky. Hats are usually too bulky to go on a table or off to the side of a chair. So they stay on my head.


Have you tried Islands fries with their honey mustard dressing (not the dip)? :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m more of a salty, savory type but will give it a try. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve seen employees clipping their fingernails. :nauseated_face:


You win


Many, many years ago I saw a man flossing as he was about to toss his fast food remains in the trash.


Overweight male diners in tank tops with underarm hair protruding and visible skin tags.


Would that not apply to women also? Shiver.