Let's talk about gross things people do in a restaurant


Why do people insist on flossing in public?! It’s so disgusting as flossed bits have a tendency to…fly about.


Or is it lose? :disappointed:


Actually that’s the only time I’ve seen it…and the memory has stuck for about 40 years.


You’re just jealous the dog can do what he’s doing. .


I love how you went even further on the visual and added the skin tags. . .solid.


You know me well .:sunglasses:


Felt like this was perfect for this thread. :nauseated_face: Celebrities - they’re people, too! https://www.google.com/amp/pagesix.com/2017/05/22/danny-devito-and-rhea-perlman-floss-their-teeth-at-restaurant/amp/


I saw them at Connie & Ted’s once. Thankfully they were not flossing their teeth at that time.


Thankfully indeed. Nobody wants bits of chewed seafood flying around! :sweat_smile: