Let's talk about pies. . .your faves?


What Ipse said.



Thanks for the education. I grew up in Atlanta, the Peach State, and never questioned their superiority…until I moved to SF. IMO CA peaches are so much better.


I’ve been disappointed in some of the peaches I’ve had from farmer’s markets in and around Pasadena CA this year. A batch from a favorite grower turned up a little spongy and tasteless, maybe drought victims? I was looking for some good ones Saturday, and while one grower’s peaches were okay – the white, which I don’t care for, better than the yellow – the yellow nectarines turned out to be serious flavor bombs! I tend to ignore nectarines for some probably snobby reason, but those guys got me to thinking hard. The Saturday ones were just to have with ice cream, and sure weren’t wasted on it, but I’m thinking one of those kinda freeform rustic tarts …


A friend asked where to get a good White Pie in L.A. I Dunno’. Who here likes White Pies and where do you go to eat them?


They’re not looking for pizza?


I like my red sauce, but mozza has some whites.


La Morra Pizzeria.

The burrata and ramp pie is stupendous, and I don’t even really like burrata.


Sweet pie - blueberry/peach combo.
Savory pie - clam.


meat pies > * pies


Where’s @Plumeria?


Here’s a link to the recipe for Lindsey Shere’s almond tart.


I like any tart whose filling recipe starts with heavy cream and ends with Grand Marnier