Little Fatty Take-Out (Mar Vista): A Pictorial Essay


It’s more like…unbelievable to me that a restaurant would allow any day to be like that…


Taiwanese pork chop.

I did not know they eat schnitzel in Taiwan, but Little Fatty makes an excellent version. It actually reminded me of my childhood. Juicy pork, crispy breading, and as greaseless and not-oily as a piece of fried food can possibly be. (After eating a few pieces, I used the vinegar sauce from the egg rolls as a dipping sauce, cuz I’m fusion like that. Awesome combination.)

Special note re the daikon. They were slightly sweet and, I kid you not, buttery. The radish itself. So excellent.


Who do you think introduced the schnitzel to the Germans?! :wink:


“What do you want to eat tonight?”

“How about Chinese?”

“Great! Pasta or schnitzel?”


Gunpowder, paper, civil service examinations, mutant giant xiaolongbao with a bigass straw…


“Take that big-ass straw, fill it with gunpowder, make a fuse with the paper, and blow up that mutant xlb.”

Answer to bonus question on civil service exam, “How do our comrades pass down time, celebrating some pretty keen stuff we’ve invented over the millennia?”

I obviously failed.


I think Little Fatty has hit their stride. The beef noodle soup was wonderful the other night. Very flavorful broth with a hint of anise, chewy, toothsome noodles, and the tenderest beef I’ve had in ages.


good to hear.
We liked - not loved - it, but felt the promise (or just the drinks).


Yes, it was inconsistent, but the last few times I’ve been the food was spot on, well-cooked and properly seasoned.

I prefer their beef noodle soup to ROC. And the pork belly is so good.

I don’t like the thin, crispy version of scallion pancake, so I skip those. And I really wish they offered greens other than pea tendrils. I’d love some bok choy or gai lan.


ROC’s always disappoints me, will have to try LF’s


Red Bean Ice Cream with Sesame Seed Balls [$8.00]


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the rest of it looks pretty good too


Fight food hipsterism


Oh, hush. If it was served from a taco truck in Glendale, you would like it.


Had an excellent lunch today at Little Fatty. Kung Pao Chicken and General Tso’s Cauliflower were both on point. Place was doing pretty brisk business, too, so it looks like they’ve found their niche.


I would have to say that the Oxtail noodle soup is one thing that I really enjoy at ROC esp since its oxtail and its only 9 bucks! But will have to try the LF one


I don’t want to take this off topic but is anyone aware of any place with similar dishes/ quality for takeout in or near Irvine? Little Fatty is just blocks from where my in-laws lived for many years, but it’s often a two hour drive from where we live now.


There is A&J Restaurant. I personally never ate at the Irvine location. I used to eat at the Alhambra location all the time as a kid (now closed). You can get pork chops and beef noodles.


Irvine has grown in its Taiwanese offerings.

Rowland Heights is probably better


RIP. Loved going there as a teen.

Back to thread.


Rowland Heights is about an hour from me. Not take-out distance. A&J Irvine is 15-20 minutes. Much better!!