Little Saigon Adventures



Permanently closed :(


How sad. This location is much closer to my house.


The Fountain Valley location is literally 5 min further south on Brookhurst. Instead of Brookhurst/Westminster, it’s at Brookhurst/Edinger.


Is it? I’ll be honest…I didn’t check. I was going on info that it moved by the hospital south of Mile Sqaure Park. Thanks for the clarification.



Baos Hog

New school next generation place. Baos with a Viet-Chinese influence. I had these when they first came out and remembered that I kinda like the roast pork but I wanted to try the Hainan Chicken.

Rice: Slightly fragrant but kinda dry tbh. Some fried shallots/garlic top were a nice touch. Meh.

Sauce: Ginger Pineapple Sauce. Would be better with more body from some ginger, the sauce is watery. The flavor is nice. The chile sauce is bottled I think. If comparing to a Singaporean style you will be disappointed as there is not much interplay between the different sauces.

Chicken. Dark meat. Juicy, tender, practically fall of the bone with just perfect amount of salt. This was well done.

Presentation: LOL a takeout box? I prefer eating this on a plate. Would be better if it was deboned.

Chicken good, rice and sauce could be better. Not bad.

The off cuts next door at Lien Hoa BBQ looks freaking good.


Khoi Hung

Was in the mood for some shaking beef…

For this fusion style of shaking beef I think I like Tai Buu Paris a little better. This was a solid offering though. Buttery, and garlicky sauce that is cut with some lime juice/black pepper dipping sauce.


Ngu Binh

Snuck in a quick weekend breakfast! Are you kidding me? Full house at 10am!!!

As always a good bowl of Bun Bo Hue. Lemongrass, flavor from the bones, with some spicy kick! If you like it spicy go ahead and eat some of those chiles at tableside or take a handful and break them in half to throw in your broth. The veggies/herbs as always are great.

The ice coffee is pretty good here, and not overly sweet. I could never drink a whole cup. Just small sips here and there. But some of these Uncles can throw down a few cups!

Gotta try that Hue/Central place at “Fast and Furious” Plaza on Bolsa.


Quan Vit Vit Vit

Duck specialist so specialist that it has duck three times in its name (Vit)

Got the Bun Mang Vit with Goi Vit. Duck Bamboo Noodle Soup with Duck Salad. At $9.78 this is a bargain. Forgot to snap a menu pic but this is #3 on the menu.

The soup is mostly bamboo flavor. For some or newbies it could be a little funky. I added a small spoon of those chopped chiles for extra depth. Rice noodles were very thin.

The salad had the duck meat, and was refreshing but maybe slightly over dressed. Duck was good and flavorful with a slight chew.


Pho Akaushi

On the second floor of a supermarket. Got to meet the owner Tom, who is very friendly and outgoing and will chat you up.

The Pho Bo here uses a Japanese cattle raised in Texas (hence the name Akaushi). It costs a little more to at $11.

The owner is from the North but the Pho to me is more Southern…thin noodles, sprouts/lime/basil, cinnamon/anise notes. The slices of beef are indeed tasty.

Consistency is maintained thru technology, he uses a device to measure the salt levels in the pot!

I appreciate the effort and friendly nature of the owner but I was hoping for a more pure, and austere beef flavor.

Free fruit-veg juice with check in!!


Re:Chef Peter Hung

It is indeed gone…along with his Banh Xeo, Veal, 7 Course of Rabbit.

Tom the owner of Pho Akaushi said he is still catering and helping out his brother (heard of Glee Donuts?)


Ok serious question. My default when I’m in the area is Ngu Binh for Bun Bo Hue.

If you have just enough time for one meal during a weekday sometime between Noon and 6pm around Little Saigon. What are some other essential destinations???


Little Saigon Update:

Pho Dakao (chicken pho specialist) is closed. Mai Phung #2 will be in its place

See Post #121 for my Mai Phung visit


Pho Dakao moved to Fountain Valley near Brodards


Mai’s Kitchen (closed Tue) for homestyle Viet

OC and Lau (also closed Tue) for snails and hot pots. Vietnamese drinking food.

These 2 types of food are the least mentioned too in Vietnamese food in America


Glee Donuts is a crazy monstrosity created for IG glory shots. Their claim to fame is a doughnut burger with fried soft shell crab.

Photo from yelp
While I’ve never tried that, I have tried their regular doughnuts and find them very ordinary.


Hi @attran99,

That looks and sounds so… not pleasant. :sweat_smile: Thanks.


Thanks for the recs.


anything specific you’re looking for?


Originally wanted to go to Hue Oi in Fountain Valley for the Banh Khoai but I was told “the lady who makes them is not here”. So I came here.

Meh. The herbs/veggies weren’t the brightest and were very very very dry tasting and feel.

Banh Khoai is not the same as Banh Xeo.

Banh Khoai is a Central dish, it is thicker, crispier, and the dipping sauce is a sweet peanut sauce.

Hue Oi by pictures looks like a better dish and the fact they have a specialist that cooks it.


someone needs to perfect a masa/rice flour taco/banh xeo stat!