Little Saigon Adventures


Places looks good! They have lemon grass sausage, which sounds delicious.


Slightly off-topic.
Had lunch recently at Garlic & Chives new location in Artesia/Cerritos. I haven’t been to the original in OC, but was pretty impressed with what we ordered. Chicken wings were solid (but a bit too sweet for me), salmon belly rolls were great (I wish the sauce had more of a kick)…the rest of the dishes were reminiscent of what I ate growing up. Bo Luc Lac/Shaken beef was super good…each chunk was a perfect medium rare. We asked for the $2 optional garlic rice…and it was pretty garlicky (not a complaint). The grilled pork vermicelli noodles came with a rice papper-wrapped cha gio that was shatteringly crispy. The clay pot caramelized peppered pork belly and pickled mustard greens could almost rival my Mom’s (all it was missing was more black pepper) and it came with a bowl of rice that was crispy at the bottom.
Probably going to try it one more time, but I could see my family pretty happy with catering from this place.


I just realize that the baked catfish at Favori could be another option for that potluck. The skin stays pretty damn crispy!!


I think it would be great if you do decide to write more about your experience to post in a separate thread. While this is a fantastic thread by @JeetKuneBao, it’s honestly super long and if some place is great, why not give the restaurant a little more credit? Little Saigon restaurants are diverse and can be hard to discover/ decipher for the nonvietnamese or non regular. A separate thread will help that and not lump the entirety of little Saigon or Vietnamese restaurants into one thread. :smile: just my two cents.


I only put it here because I didn’t have photos from lunch…out with the co-workers. I’ll run a separate post when I do future visits with photos. I’m quite impressed with one lunch alone, though. Very reminiscent of dishes that Mom cooked (some she won’t do anymore because it’s “not healthy”), and the flavors are just as well developed. I may just take her to lunch here because it’s so close to our homes. On the plus side, they also have a full bar. Thanks, @hppzz!