Little Saigon Adventures


Bo Kho 18

New place

Had a craving for Bo Kho Mi!

Generous amount of beef and tendon, which are dipped in black pepper and citrus.
You can get Bo Kho with rice or egg noodles, with bread, the red wine version, and tongue version.

Eggs, pate, and bread. If you love yolks you will love this very simple basic dish. Dat French influence.


Via He

Com Chay Tom Cang

Crispy rice with shrimp cooked in a tasty sauce that is garlicky, shrimpy, and slightly sweet. Dumped the sauce on top of the crispy rice. Only comes with 3 pieces of shrimp though.


wow that looks amazing.


Dat crispy rice :heart_eyes:


Contra Coffee, Orange Circle.

Okay not LS but one half of Contra Coffee is a Bolsa girl who graduated with a degree in food science.

Inspiration from her childhood births perfection:

Nitro Cold Brew Vietnamese Coffee aka “Gold Rush” on the menu. No condensed milk cans were opened!!

Slightly sweet, creamy but smooth finish. I could never drink a whole cup of these. So damn good worth a detour! You can sample anything here btw! I forgot to get a sample of the Thai Tea.

It is really cool seeing the next gen doing their thang!!


Chef Peter Hung @ Saigon Market near Brookhurst x Westminster, 2nd floor.

The most hidden location in Little Saigon! Enter the Saigon Market. Head to the 2nd floor, and head towards the back “Food Court”

With quite a unique offerings…tri tip, rabbit/7 Course Rabbit

So I’m always on a lookout for some good Banh Xeo!

@$6.50 btw! Not too big, not too oily, and doesn’t skimp on the fillings. This was pretty good but I do wish the green leaf lettuce was bigger leaves.

Tri tip. Might be the only Vietnamese place serving tri tip in Little Saigon. This was very tasty and incredibly tender!!

Freebie of the rabbit! Never had rabbit before but it kinda reminds me of a mix of princess chicken and duck. You can do 7 courses here!


TP Banh Bao 2

This parking lot is a major pain in the ass!!!

But does have the best little Banh Bao joint. This dish reminds me of what we call “Big Bao” in Chinese, a Bao loaded with a whole egg, sausage, mushroom, and some pork. You can get it in SF and LA Chinatown’s. They make a good breakfast on the run.

Here at TP they do have a lot of variations! Including a FRIED BANH BAO. They were not offering it when I visited but I hear it’s really good.

I like the ratio here of bun/filling! Will have to try more but I did enjoy this pork and quail egg bao.


tho 7 mon? wow.


My dude. Did you just share a place that does 7 courses of rabbit?
Damn. I’m just. . . damn! You are doing god’s work.

  1. Rabbit Curry
  2. Rabbit Brandy/Spirit
  3. Rabbit Sauté
  4. Rabbit Grilled
  5. Rabbit Stir Fry
  6. Rabbit Pudding
  7. Rabbit Grilled Blisters (?)

Here is a rough translation of the courses. I’ll have to try this!!

I take it rabbit is hard to find on menus?

It is a very tasty meat!!


@hppzz @Ns1 @attran99

Any guess what these rabbit dishes taste like/ingredients etc???


Was also told to come back and try the veal

Torched on the outside, rare in the inside.

TBH don’t judge but I never had veal before!


You guys, #6 Tho tiet canh—rabbit blood “pizza/pudding” You have to go back just for this! Never ever seen this before.

Chef must be getting live wabbits for this cuz iirc my mom used to make this dish only with live duck she slaughtered herself. you can’t make this with old congealed blood.

#3 chef special, be thui is worth ordering. Roasted rare veal — sorta like viet larb.


One my fav dishes. Made it few weeks ago

Torching done here


Elmer Dill Fuddrucker would be there in a jiffy for dat wascawy wabbit…


@JeetKuneBao Sorry…I’m out on this one. Was never exposed to Vietnamese rabbit dishes growing up. I remember seeing it on the Song Long menu when we would drop in for escargots.


Yah. You’re way beyond me now. Student has become the master and all that.


Cho Tam Bien

They serve up one of the most beautiful dishes. Yes this “To Go” spot.

The fridge section deserves a look. Various soups, pork products, salads, and pickles.

But really you should come here for the Chao Long!!!

A rice porridge of sausage and pork offal.

The sausage, 2 kinds as a matter of fact! The blood sausage, delicious no hint of that livery flavor. The other sausage had a nice hint of lemongrass and herbs. Well prepared. In fact the blood cake and all the offal cuts are prepared excellent!!! They are using some type of magic back there!! Nothing was off putting to me.

This is a true taste of Vietnam. Nothing goes too waste. The most humble ingredients morphs into something truly delicious.

While I am used to ginger/scallion/pepper in my porridge the Chao Long here also comes with sprouts and fish sauce at table side. I did add a little chile sauce too. Rest assured the Chao is flavorful on its own.

This big bowl was $5.50 btw. Now I am sad of all the money I wasted on crappy lunches at work when I could have a beautiful bowl of this.

It might be a good idea to buy some of these sausages for home!

In all of its glory!!

Edit: They got goat and rabbit here at the fridge section on closer look

Bugs Bunny

Great Rice Dishes

The classic dessert place!

Fried bananas and Che Ba Mau/3 Color

God I want those bananas fresh from the fryer! I can only imagine…


Yup they got some pretty good baguette!