Little Tart (Koreatown)


Little Tart may make the best Filet-O-Fish ripoff, ever.

Granted it’s over 3x the price of a Filet-O-Fish, but damn not even Barry Bond’s HGH supplier could make the Filet-O-Fish look like this.

Little Tart
740 S Western Ave


Nice! Is it better than the Phil Lee O’ Fish at Honeybird (which you like also)? :slight_smile:


Great question.

Both great sandwiches, but different.

The PLOF is really misnamed, in my opinion, as it really isn’t a facsimile of the Filet-O-Fish, what with the tomatoes and cabbage and the absence of cheese. No question, still very yummy, but not a classical riff of Filet-O-Fish.

The Little Tart Fish Sandwich, meanwhile, is almost an identical copy of the Filet-O-Fish, just bigger and badder.

Again, both great, just different takes on the fish sandwich. Sort of like cigars. Sometimes I want a classical Cuban, and I reach for the Epi No. 2; other times I want to stretch my repertoire a bit, and will reach for something like the Doble Cinco, which (while still Cuban in pedigree) is a much different take on the classical luxurious robust tastes of a traditional Cuban.


Thanks! We have been looking for a reason to go! While we loved the PLOF, the lack of cheese was also missed (To us it was more in line with the NoMad fish sandwich.).

How are the pies? Or should I just save the calories and head over to Kung Fu Tea instead?



No idea about the pies. Been trying to watch my waistline of late, for bikini season.


The Fish Sandwich, This is #2 in my book. I like the Phil Lee O’Fish better and McD’s is 3rd because rarely you get one made right, with the fish still crispy.

Cole Slaw It’s my current favorite. They went really light on the dressing. Also, I think they salted the cabbage first so it wasn’t drowning in it’s own liquid. I was able to have it three days later without much loss in quality

Fried Serrano and Jalapeno chiles in an adobo gravy. Very addictive

Dommy really liked the burger. She can tell you about it

Poutine Fries Good but needed something to balance the dish. Pickled Onions perhaps?

Plus, the beer selection was small but good, This place was empty @ 7:30 on a Saturday night It shouldn’t be. Please go, It’s worth it.