Louie’s Of Mar Vista closed


Shut down with no notice. There had been some bad reviews since the new management and menu revamp a couple of months ago. Looks like it may be down for good.


Whoa. It seemed quite happening last time I went by (about 2 weeks ago)…


The new menu was awful. And when they did away with the New Orlean-style dishes, they lost most of the Sunday crowd that came for the Saints games. Actually, they lost a lot of people. There’s only so many giant toasts and burnt almonds a person can eat for brunch, lunch and dinner.


Ran across this vid of the owner explaining why they closed. Interesting. Seems rather convenient to blame the street changes when there were so many complaints about the menu change.

Living in the area, I think it’s a little overblown for him to blame business being down. Sure the changes have increased traffic in the daytime but it’s not that different at night and a slight increase in parking along that stretch.



Yeah. He was ripped apart on Reddit for his ‘excuse’. In addition to the change in Menu and awful execution. There were also health department issues including an infestation…