Low fat fettuccine alfredo


Anyone have a tried and true recipe?


Why ? If you’re going to make it don’t fake it . I get your jest . But every once in a while you get the craving just make the real deal . Just saying . I don’t have a recipe for LF sorry .


Interesting challenge since the original is basically a vehicle for delivering dairy fat. Here’s a lower-fat version:

Actually achieving low fat, maybe using some of Bottura’s ultra-modernist techniques.


fettucine alfredo is pasta, grated parm and butter. how do you make that low-fat? but a pound of pasta like this should serve at least 6 people as a primi, so it’s all relative.


Chicken broth with low-fat milk of course and Parmesan cheese to thicken.


doesn’t the broth make the pasta mushy?

and fettucine alfredo doesn’t contain cream so shouldn’t be anywhere near low-fat milk.


I doubt it. I haven’t tried the recipe yet