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After seeing @PorkyBelly ‘s pictorial, I thought it was high time I revisited Lukshon for its new tasting menu.

Tickets for Saturday were sold out, but I was able to get Tuesday slots for two for a GNO with a friend who heard great things about Lukshon’s Asian fusion cuisine from her relative who’s a diehard foodie.

Rather than posting pics of the same dishes, I’m posting what was switched out - they tweak the menu week to week based on market availability, etc. for some courses.

Instead of the Santa Barbara sea urchin toast, what we got for the 2nd amuse was a watermelon veloute of some sort. Tasted good, but not particularly memorable.

Instead of the spot prawn @PorkyBelly was served, our seafood course was poached Maine lobster in black bean butter with corn pudding and shellfish soubise. Now we’re talking! Was happy with this switch-out, the lobster meat was very tender and the black bean butter contrasted nicely (this flavor profile might be a bit much for some, but we loved it).

The elements of the beef dish were the same, but Sergio must have heard about @PorkyBelly ‘s squeal for more green sauce, b/c the kitchen was quite generous on my visit (Sergio, however, was not there).

My dinner guest wanted to split an extra dessert, which was recommended to her by her relative so we also got “a day at the beach” dessert consisting of coconut tapioca, tom kha kai melon sorbet, compressed melon, frozen coconut water. Normally, I’m not a fan of shaved melon, but the melon ribbons here were extremely flavorful due to the compression technique used. A refreshing and heavenly dessert!

Much to our surprise, they allowed us to split our $55 wine pairing at no extra charge. My friend enjoyed the 1st of the 6 wines so much she ordered another glass. She was about to order more dessert Riesling at the end, but the sommelier ended up giving us extra pours of it on the house. (See menu below for wine pairing deets).

Final notes: The sommelier, Nick told us a new tasting menu will be unveiled on October 1st. Solo reservations can be made by contacting Lukshon via email at Paging @FoodRogue — no reason for you to sulk ok?

Really enjoyed our meal and my friend suggested we go back again before the end of the year to try the next version of the tasting menu.


Hi @foodshutterbug,

Nice report, thanks! :slight_smile: I noticed on the menu you posted there was a “Ham & Eggs” dish, but you didn’t comment on it. Was it good? Or not worth talking about? :sweat_smile:

And how was the Pineapple Sticky Rice? Thanks!


Hi @Chowseeker1999 - I thought all the other courses were very good, but in terms of plating and composition, they were nearly identical to what porkybelly posted several months ago.

About the “ham and eggs” dish, the only thing I can add to what was said previously is that the smokiness of the duck ham and deep richness of sweet soy sauce of this dish pleasantly lingered on my palate.

As for the desserts, the last time I had a Riesling based dessert was at Momofuku Ko in NYC and although this didn’t have foie gras, it was still very memorable for the intensely flavored Riesling foam paired with farmers market peak stone fruit (nectarine on this visit). Drinking the Riesling wine pairing with the dessert took it to a whole new level.

About the pineapple dessert, ok @Chowseeker1999 here’s my pic below and I thought it was a memorable dessert — the compression technique was used to excellent effect here on the pineapple and what stood out for me was the distinctive taste and texture of the pineapple against perfectly cooked and flavored sticky rice pudding coupled with the cold temperature of the sorbet infused with subtle nuances of spices and herbs one might normally find in Thai green curry soup.

One last thought, overall I’d say Chef Sang Yoon’s tasting menu holds a symphony of flavors and textures with each course and the wine pairings are customized to take every dish to another dimension. I highly recommend getting the $55 wine pairing with the $110 tasting menu — they’re all Euro wines.


Hi @foodshutterbug,

Thanks for the additional details! :slight_smile: Wow, a dessert with the nuances of Thai green curry soup?! :open_mouth: Interesting.

I might finally have to go back and pay Lukshon a revisit soon. Thanks.


Nice report, glad you enjoyed it.

Ha, i doubt sergio is reading my drivel, but if he is, i’ll squeal for more uni.