Majordōmo - chinatown


That’s what I figured. That was 10-15 minutes before opening and except maybe for the photographer they were all staff. He was in the kitchen during service.


What’s Steve Sampson doing there?


Samson, not Sampson.

DC is collaborating with all the big names (and, since he’s the new kid in town, making sure there’s no East Coast/West Coast animosity) right now to launch MD right.





Don’t think that’s Steve, Bob.


But wait… look closer…





I’m so glad they cut the damn noodles on the black cod dish. Was some uncut naengmyeon-level choking going on. Also, you haven’t really felt like an asshole until you’re eating with your editor and you take all the damn noodles on the plate in one forkful.


Who is APL? Or is it a secret?


adam perry lang

famous on the west coast for his BBQ shindigs with jimmy kimmel

famous on the east coast for some restaurant and a bunch of books.


The menu lists them as “Smoked bone-in APL-style ribs.” I’d never heard of him before.

God damn it, now I’m hungry.


He’s done some pop ups here in LA serving up his famous smoked beef ribs and as well a smoked prime rib.



Here is a photo of APL at the (insanely delicious) Hotel Bel Air pop-up 2 years ago, with Wolfgang Puck & Francis Mallmann…


woah Francis Mallmann was in LA?? What did he serve? I vaguely remember this event.


2016 Celebrity Chef summer open-air cookoff event at Hotel Bel Air.
Mallmann served his famous Argentinian salt-baked salmon and his slow-cooked (forage-fired) rack of lamb. Chad Colby (ex-Chi Spacca) was his sous that night.

Bacoman even made an appearance!



And this:


No that was another one last year I believe.


The one where one of the chefs stayed up all night roasting a side of beef , then got yelled at because 1/3 was raw and 1/3 was overcooked when it came time to carve.