Majordōmo - chinatown


Thanks, that confirms my plan to get a group together for the whole plate short rib. Not that I had much doubt after seeing it across the room and on TV.


I’d be down to join you guys if someone drops out. Let me know!


I’m a she! Can’t you tell by the many emojis I use? Checking my schedule!


Here’s a link of the slicing of the short ribs. Sorry for the lighting and the wife talking over the video, lol.


Thank you so much for this thoughtful take. This was one of my favorite walls of text I’ve read on this thread so far.

To this fact I think I speak for a lot of us when I say it’d be great if you’d contribute more and not go back into lurker mode!


Bro. Have you even BEEN to Majordomo??? :grin:


That’s dead on how I choose the places I go out to. Sometimes it’s time to splurge and not care but usually I have to care and it pisses me off when things are just outlandish.

Additionally I have a big internal ethical struggle I always have to deal with over star chefs from other towns moving in to LA to capitalize on our restaurant market. We are an expansion territory for them. I have a thing about enjoying places run by guys running 1 shop here and aren’t food TV driven. Some of those can be great obviously but… i dont know if i’m making sense lol


Approximately how many days of leftovers will I have if I order the ribs for… two people


one thing i like about Majordomo is that the food menu on their website is constantly updated and includes the price. the bad thing is that the desserts are not even listed.


If the $190 whole plate short rib is enough for six people, that’s $32 per person, which I think is in line with what you’d pay for a similar amount of galbi at Park’s.

Chang spent a lot more time in LA before opening this place than most NYC chefs have.


benton’s reserve ham
delicious on its own, didn’t really need the bing bread with this

prime rib & onion
reminded me of a gyro, good but a touch salty

fried butterball potatoes salsa seca, peanuts
must order for me now

black cod in paper, noodles, daikon, chili
hideously delectable. This was really good, the fish had a consistency of jell-o, it was pleasantly spicy, and it was like eating two big hunks of soft delicious fish cheeks.


Have you been to Jun Won? If so, how does this compare to the cod there? I ask because I was at Jon Won last night, and actually was slightly disappointed. It was a little too sweet for me without the spice I wanted, and the amount of bones was a little annoying.


Have you had the steamed cod at Jun Won? Very similar dish, minus the fancy presentation.


what does the benton’s reserve ham taste like? Looks like prosciutto. Is that what it tastes like? Or is it more like spanish jamon?


I’ve been to jun won before they moved, so it’s been a few years. from what i remember the portion was huge (serving two people easily) and it was, as you mentioned, sweeter and not as spicy as chang’s version. the texture of both dishes are similar, also majordomo’s has noodles and no bones.


tasted like a prosciutto, soft, slightly moist, salty, porky flavor. not much of the nutty, sweeter, flavors of a jamon iberico.


I’ve been banging out reservations at majordomo no problem. If people need advice I’m happy to help via PM. Sorry lurkers =P


Awestruck. Sughoi…


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I think we can be friends.

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