Majordōmo - chinatown


That was great.
Also loved the –
Eggs and Smoked Roe
Macaroni & Chickpea, black pepper, black truffle

Rice cakes were a little Blah for me.


Cavatappi with truffle and chickpea hozon was superb.
Rib fried rice was great too.
My photos should be coming soon…


Not in my book - Somni actually is. But for the sake of ease in getting rezzies, let’s divert the crowd that way, shall we?


Hi All – After hearing about FTC for so long and having been fortunate enough to join the group at Majordomo the other night, I’ve decided to jump in and create an account. First of all, with the exception of one dish (broccoli), I felt everything was phenomenal. As I read through the descriptions above, I’m thinking, “Oh yeah! I forgot about that one!” It was an embarrassment of rich dishes with the ribs being the star. I would put the rice dish immediately behind but tied with the cod and the eggs and roe in a photo finish. The heavy presence of the fat in the beef rice they made from the ribs had me feeling a bit concerned for my arteries but fat just isn’t my friend. Thanks for including me and I hope to make some worthy contributions to the board!


There is a $85 dollar Hainan chicken rice?

Bang it up at LAX-C for the best damn khao man gai. Dat sauce!


The kitchen crew brines the bird, trusses it, and then cooks it full-blast in a steam oven in a pot with Shaoxing wine, ginger, and shallots. The breast meat is carved, laid over rice, then blanketed with two sauces: scallion-ginger and a black bean-chile paste. It brings to mind, by design, both Hainanese chicken (the Singaporean staple) and also, in its color pattern, the fish with red and green salsas at Gabriela Cámara’s world-class Contramar in Mexico City.
Meanwhile, the cooks prepare a soup from the rest of the chicken’s meat. It comes to the table while you’re still eating the first course, in a show of abundance. Hand-torn noodles drift in the broth; they at once hearken to chicken and dumplings and sujebi, a simple Korean soup of noodles and potatoes. For the sake of luxury, there’s a flourish of grated black truffles.


If only somewhere in LA sold something like that grilled snapper, that fish was probably my favorite bite in mexico city


I’ve had a damn good version in East LA but the name of the place is escaping me. Where’s streetgourmetla when you need him?


been thinking about the same myself, luckily, i’m doing much better since i found


i’d like to think of myself as a Hainan chicken aficionado, the Major Domo version is excellent, rice is a bit wetter than i like but the sauces are top notch. But the best part of the dish is the stew with the dark meat


Great to have you on the board! What are your top 5 Hainan chicken rice dishes in LA right now? How about outside LA?


Mariscos Bahia


Would a group of 8 be too large to eat here? Or is 6 the sweet spot, bearing in mind the APL style ribs will be ordered.


@matthewkang said the ribs were about four pounds of meat.


haven’t been to apotheke




Not at all. You’ll want to get the ribs, the boiled chicken, and try as much as you can.


Ever get the feeling that the kitchen staff is staring at you but then realize they’re really looking at jonathan gold sitting behind you? #askingforafriend

the beltless belly

malibu cherry tomatoes, tofu, shiso, yuzu
chang’s version of a caprese salad, sub mozzarella for soft tofu, basil for shiso, and olive oil for soy sauce and sesame oil. very good.

foie gras, strawberry, ricotta
very similar to the momofuku ko’s frozen foie gras with lychee and pine nut brittle. i preferred the texture contrast of the brittle at ko.

fried butterball potatoes, salsa seca, peanuts, chili

boiled whole chicken
hot, moist, and ready to eat

breasts, rice, fermented black bean chile sauce, ginger-scallion
The breasts were moister than betty white at a barry manilow concert. I think the rice had more schmaltz than a hallmark store. ask for extra sauce

truffles, hand-torn noodles
you definitely get the whole chicken

strawberry trifle, buttermilk panna cotta, chiffon cake


Is that a plain bing?


It came with the foie