Majordōmo - chinatown


As with all things Majordomo, there’s been a lot of talk about the price of the chicken. For what you got, did you think the price was reasonable? It looks pretty great.


Oh, the hand torn noodles + truffles + chicken looks divine…


For sure. It’s not like Nomad where you’re wondering where the rest of the chicken went.


hm. Side Chick, Red Chicken, Cluck2go, Tasty food, Dong Nguyen, Full House take out. No particular order. Different styles for different wants. I’m going to be next to Taishi tomorow, so gonna try that for the first time.

Outside of LA… prob Wee Nam Kee and Tian Tian in Singapore. I forget the name of a stall I had chicken rice in Chiang Mai but it was excellent.


Not a fan of Savoy?


If you think of it as two courses that can feed 2 - 3 people, I think it was reasonable. the chicken was very good, but for me i would get the ribs over the chicken any day of the week including holidays.


Are truffles a supplement? Because I want truffles on everything. Isn’t black truffle season over? How were they?


the truffles come with the chicken, i believe the truffles are used in the soup after they serve the cut up chicken and rice. i think that’s why it costs $80


Hi @Bookwich,

You definitely don’t want the black truffles on the macaroni and chickpea dish here. It was the worst dish we tried on the menu and the one major disappointment (and waste of money at $50 with zero truffle taste).


Consistent with the tastes of the Infatuation website, they rated the macaroni dish as the best dish on the entire menu. Haha. Granted their reviewer ate on a different night, but still.


Was in the house tonight again.


I would throw in the original Phoenix Kitchen in Chinatown. its not Hainan chicken but they do the classic Cantonese “white-cut” chicken and its one of the best versions I’ve had.


Has anyone tried the spicy Bossam? The carmelized football of meat on the Infatuation’s review did call to me.


the truffles are included. i got some ass-end nub of the truffle and didn’t get much flavor from it.


He was there again last night. Ordered their new special (as did we) of Lamb. CRAZY good lamb prep even though it has bipolar disorder.

One portion is a slow roasted rack of lamb seared then tossed with szechuan peppercorn and crispy potatoes on a bed of lamb rice. An Ode by chef de cuisine Marc Johnson and his long stint of cooking in China.

The other portion is very Mediterranean: a big ass roast lamb shank with pomegranate sauce served with a bunch of bings, crazy good yogurt sauce, cucumbers, hot sauce and scallion green sauce.

Interesting contrast, both very delicious.

Had it with a few btls of wine


I like how there’s a new item on the menu every time I go there.


I have majorodomorrhea from reading all this.


David Chang’s description: “the city of Cheng Du made a child with Blue Hill Stone Barns.”


The bo ssam also went from feeding “4-6” at $120 to feeding “6-8” at $150.


KE drops a huge review, including a wikipedia-like intro for David Chang. Some of the best pics I’ve seen of the short rib too…