Majordomo - chinatown


you know what’s weird, depending on who cuts the short rib for you, the presentation of the beef is completely different. The first time I had it, it was cut in the same way yours was in the spiral/floral pattern and I thought it was a bit dry.

I just had it again on Tuesday and they cut it akin to a brisket, similar to flat/point and it was CRAZY tender and delicious. It was a younger asian guy that cut it this time for us. (pic below)


food (including stuffed peppers which i forgot to photograph) was about 98pp, for 3 people, before tax and tip.


Is that new? I don’t recall anyone mentioning that before. Seems like gilding the lily.


We got sort of a spiral presentation of the short rib with @paranoidgarliclover @CiaoBob @PorkyBelly @J_L etc. It was not dry.


Concur. 'Twas moist and succulent.


wow that spiral one looks amazing. I guess that’s why I never got any leftovers.




Seems like a good deal.


The lamb bing is so good. Wonderful depth of flavor with serrano chilis, onions, and juicy meat. The bread is really freaking tasty with it too. Perfect thing to eat after a few cocktails at Apotheke. :slight_smile:

Had to hit the treadmill after dinner.


Interesting to see how different servers will carve the short ribs differently. In this pic, you can see that it was sliced with the grain. While I’m sure it was still delicious and tender from the slow cook, it’s actually not the best way to cut it.

If this was sliced against the grain like in this pic, it may have been even better.


I blame the tragic facial hair on our slicer that night. Lol…

Still worth the price of admission, though.




Is this actually a thing with trained staff? Isn’t it a standard procedure to cut against the grain when dealing with big cuts of meat, especially ones that start out tough?


As much I enjoyed the ribs, that chicken knocked my socks off…especially the second preparation of the soup. It’s not being sold as Hainan Chicken Rice, but the first preparation of the breast is not all that dissimilar either. We make Hainan Chicken Rice at home all the time. Majordomo’s is damn impressive.

It was plenty as our only main course for four with a couple of bing and three other non-entree dishes.


Agreed. Try the butter and honey bing too, super simple but fucking delicious.


kanpachi, citrus, bonji
This was okay, could have used some heat.

raw sugar snap, horseradish, lemon, shallot

bing sampler
All toppings were delicious with the finger scorching hot bing.

spicy lamb

benton’s ham
So silky and smooth it made michael buble jealous.

chickpea hozon

cultured butter and honey
The butter was so cultured that it studied abroad

(new) fried smelt, shrimp salt, almond, lemon
If you smelt it majordomo delt it.
Delicious little fish fries. If gorton’s fisherman and ronald mcdonald had an illegitimate love child. Too bad they were headless.

tapioca lo mein, rapini, garlic, chili oil
These had a great texture with a funky seafood flavor from the krill. Reminded me of spaghetti alla bottarga.

crispy pork belly, kohlrabi, bibb lettuce, domojang
This was much better than when I first ordered this. Perfectly, shatteringly crisp skin and tender pork, really good.

glazed carrots and peas, beef dashi
I would imagine this is what David Chang would bring to thanksgiving for a side. Deliciously beefy and slightly sweety.

grilled prime skirt steak, pickled onion rings, thao’s greens and chili jam
Steak was perfectly cooked and tender, loved how the pickled onions gave the onion rings another level of flavor, greens were okay. Came with a light bearnaise sauce.

kakigori, blueberries, mochis, mint, basil
This was okay, not as good as the citrus kakigori with meringue.


I’m thinking it’s cause the one cut with grain was by front of house staff. My pic against the grain was by one of chefs.


At those prices, you’d think you’d get the trained staff cutting.


Matt kang posted an ig story at APL and they were also cutting with the grain!! It’s mind boggling!!


shrug maybe the experts know something us peons don’t.