Majordōmo - chinatown


I was merely positing as to why there are on-the-ground reports of instances of little to no waiting at opening.

I await whatever anemic point you’re about to make because of your uncontrollable compulsion to find an argument when there isn’t one.


There’s also a recent report of a massive line, so personally I’d try to get there maybe ten minutes before opening. Maybe a little earlier if it’s not patio weather.


Just to confuse matters, there were a lot of empty bar seats at 6:30pm this past Friday. Would have been a breeze to walk in and grab a seat.


Walked in last week at 7:30. No res, no wait.


Contrary to online reports. DID NOT HAPPEN. Real life experience vs Google? No.


Pics or it didn’t happen



Visited Majordomo on an impromptu basis last night. The bing bread didn’t really stand out to me on my first visit. But it has really blown me away during the last two visits and I can confidently say I prefer it to Bavel’s standard pita!

Couple of dishes I hadn’t tried before:

  1. Hamachi collar with sunflower Hozon, pickled rhubarb: Perfectly crisp skin with a smoky flavor running through the sauce; yet the dish is super bright with tons of punchy lemon and briny flavors. A bit hard to share, but just order your own.

  1. Grilled Prime Skirt Steak with pickled onion rings, Thao’s greens & chili jam: Steak is great, but the twist on this dish is the pickled onion rings. Not sure if Chang is the first person to do this, but pickling the onions before frying is a wonderful idea. Once again, it brightens up the dish and gives a nice contrast to the savory beef.

  1. Tapioca Lo Mein yu choy, garlic, chili oil: A nice dry heat permeates the noodles, yet again, there is an offsetting acidity and freshness here that prevents the dish from overpowering you. [no picture]

The worst part about Majordomo is that I can never seem to leave without stuffing myself, eating something fried / carbloading. Will be fasting today. :joy:


that’s a game changer for me. the pickling brings it to a


which bing did you get?


Brilliant idea but it’s been around for at least 20 years.


I love fried pickles! This is genius, and I think all bars around the world should serve it at happy hour.


The egg / roe. There are two or three other bing I prefer, but still quite tasty.


The pickled onion rings are truly awesome.


Was D. Chang there? Cooking?
Doubt it matters as far as quality, but interesting to know.


Not that I saw, but we sat outside on the patio (very nice btw, plenty of heat lamps), so I didn’t go inside very much.


Does DC himself even get down and dirty on the line anymore these days?


yep, watched sergio make this crispy rice dish for me.


Damn, like DC says in Ugly Delicious, that boy does have a big ass head.


Now that’s an “ode”!