Majordomo - chinatown


Damn, like DC says in Ugly Delicious, that boy does have a big ass head.


Now that’s an “ode”!


mackerel tin, bing
This was pretty much quality canned mackerel with the addition of chives and garlic, good but not something i would order again

(new)grilled kanpachi collar, sunflower hozon, pickled rhubarb
Damn, this was the highlight of the night. The best prep of kanpachi collar i’ve had in a long time. Perfectly cooked and balanced flavors, crispy skin, and the meat was moist and softer than a sneaker full of shit. Thanks for the rec @DTLAeater

cherry tomatoes, tofu, shiso, yuzu

(new)fried oxtail, salsa seca, peanuts, chili
same dish as the fried butterball potatoes but the potatoes are replaced with fried oxtails. i preferred the potatoes.

marinated black cod, hozon, bok choy, daikon
more soft, buttery, flaky fish.




anyone have a res for 4ppl+ coming up they don’t need, pretty please?


I want pimento cheese with my bing! And oysters, we have so many oysters on the West Coast.

I wonder if Chef Tae is the one that came up with the bing concept.


there are a lot of openings for tonight and tomorrow for 4


David Chang does an AMA


Imo this is the sleeper dish here, makes Nomad’s chicken look like a joke. It came with a chicken salad and chicken broth with morels and fava beans.
I also ordered two bings, snap peas, and pickled onion rings.


agreed! the boiled chicken is so good. i prefer the chicken soup with the hand torn noodles and the morels more than the "Hainan " chicken dish. But overall a great menu item. i would order again.


Fish Sauce update. on Friday the scent wasn’t nearly as strong so it wasn’t a thing they do just for fun… must have had a spill that first time.


Did the chicken salad replace the chicken soup with hand torn noodles or are they serving the chicken in three courses now, rice, salad, soup?


It’s been replaced


That’s tragic. :frowning:


Well, it is fava bean and morel season, both of which are available for a short time. I’m sure the other version will be back in winter.


ohhh, that is sad. the soup was so good!


The new version is pretty damn good. The broth at the end is utter perfection. I wish I had a bucket of it to bathe myself in. The salad is no joke either, chicken jus dressing. drool.

Another two dishes that popped up that were really good. They had a cold green bean prep that was tasty. The new heirloom tomato dish that took over the tofu/cherry tomato is awesome. Thai basil, stone fruit (plum/beach), tossed with the tomatoes. Perfect summer dish.

Didn’t love the market lettuce dish. Basically lettuce, grated cheese with a light dressing.


Isn’t that just Hunan chicken? i love it, but it’s such a simple dish.


spicy lamb
Fuck google and just bing it.

bounty bowl, green goddess, domojang
Really liked the domojamg dipping sauce, reminded me of a less spicy XO sauce.

heirloom tomatoes, plums, sesame, thao’s basils
New dish with sweet plums replacing the tofu, summer in a bowl.

boiled whole chicken, soft boiled egg, chicken skin vinaigrette, ginger-scallion rice
They changed this up for summer, instead of using the dark meat for a delicous soup with hand torn noodles and truffles/morels, they now use it in a plain, underwhelming, salad.

The rice is still good, but I won’t be ordering this again until they bring the soup back.

How i feel after eating chicken salad


I’m making that tomato and plum salad. Brilliant.

I haven’t been eaten here, but it’s my favorite new restaurant.