Majordōmo - chinatown


I think what @Bookwich said is the quip.


Had a fantastic meal last night, one of the best in quite a while. One of my two friends (not a huge foodie, or at least not until recently) said it was the best meal he’s ever had.

Every dish was great, I’d order any of them again. Right amount of food for three, we were too full for dessert but didn’t feel overfed.

The onion rings and broccoli outshone the steak, which was very good but the least exciting thing we had.


Wonder why they haven’t adjusted the price of the chicken. Doesn’t come with the black truffle noodle nor does it come with the morel soup. Only comes with the salad, which imo was overly rich.


It’s a whopping 3 dollars cheaper now, you can get a third of an APL onion with that.


@robert How were the wines? I like that they have a lot of bottles under $100 and many in the ~$50 range.


All really good and a good match for the food.


Thanks to some guidance from @PorkyBelly, I somewhat recreated the plum and tomato salad with opal basil. I am a bit on the fence about plums and sesame seed oil. I suppose David Chang does it better. :slight_smile:


Bing it on!
Love this combination of bings, like a do it yourself jambon buerre.

benton’s reserve ham

cultured butter & honey

kombu cured diver scallop, watermelon dashi
Pretty good, but I prefer my sashimi straight up with soy and wasabi.

(new) chilled shrimp, summer melon, cucumber, fish sauce vinaigrette
Here’s another delicious salad recipe for @Bookwich. Don’t forget the fried shrimp heads.

(new) crispy rice, shrimp, corn, bacon
Delicious. Finished with a chicken and smoked corn broth. This had a lot going on but it was well balanced and it all just worked.

horchata kakigori, coffee, rice, dulce de leche
Really good, wish there was more of that sweet whipped cream on top.

Otoño - Highland Park

That reminds me of one of the top three things I have ever eaten thus far: Gordon Ramsey’s strawberry gazpacho with seared scallop at The London.

Watermelon dashi is an interesting concept. :thinking:


That Benton’s reserve ham though… Wish I could buy it at a market.


That there head is THE best effing part of the creature, yo…


benton’s reserve ham - 24 month aged heritage berkshire pigs
My new must order, bing, ham, butter, honey.

cultured butter & honey

just bing it

(new) smoked kanpachi collar, plum, yuzu, shiso
Smoky, moist, tender with a bit of heat from the yuzukosho. Good but not as great as the one @DTLAeater and I had with sunflower hozon and pickled rhubarb.

dry farmed tomatoes, stone fruit, sesame, thao family farm’s basil
The peaches in this were insanely sweet. Pro tip, add some benton’s ham to bring this to a whole nother level.

thao family farm’s string beans, pickled plums, almond, gribiche
Surprise hit. This was served cold and was very refreshing. The gribiche sauce made this taste like a deviled egg, string bean salad.

(new) california wild king salmon donabe, scallops, ikura, white sturgeon caviar, uni, avocado, shiso, togarashi, lemon mayo, scallion, fried corn and salmon skin, pickled cucumbers, nori
Do it yourself temakis. Combine the rice with the crisp nori, some creamy avocado, fried corn and salmon skin for crunch, and some caviar for the perfect bite.

whole plate short rib, smoked bone-in apl-style ribs, beef rice, shiso, rice paper, ssamjang, kimchi, pickled daikon
Still the fucking bee’s knees, great write up today in the texas monthly

Fun fact: this rib bone was connected to my mouth bone.

beefier and more glistening than arnold schwarzenegger competing for mr universe.

strawberry kakigori, shiso, burrata cream, meringue
Perfect way to end the meal, loved how the herby-sweetness from the shiso complemented the strawberries and cream.

Pick my birthday dinner

Looks great! What’s the damage pp?


Total was $445 for food before tax and tip for three gluttons. But we ordered enough food for at least 4 or 5 people.


That could easily feed three gluttons and one small-belly hedonist. #eatingaroundtheedges


That’s such a great place.

On the online menu, the DIY temaki is $200 with the caviar & uni supplement and the ribs are $190, so everything else was only $55?


Great report @PorkyBelly. :slight_smile: That new Temaki Donabe looks delicious!


The string beans and tomatoes were compliments of the house.


aaand it happened


“The first night the restaurant ran the fruit plate, only one sold. But then Johnson decided to freeze the grapes, and make the dish look more Japanese.”

Cooking manipulation at its finest.